10 Startups Inspired By Religion

In the world of startups, a new niche has continued to grow: companies inspired by religion.

Here, we take a look at 10 startups that stand out for their creative approach in blending faith, culture, and technology...


1. Muslim Children’s Books: Educational Bedtime Stories


MuslimChildrensBooks (@MuslimChdBooks) / X


Muslim Children’s Books is a company that offers a range of educational books for children. The startup focuses on creating books that introduce young readers to Islamic teachings through the power of storytelling.

Their book collection includes stories about the prophets, Islamic morals, and the basics of worship, making them a great way for parents to introduce their children to Muslim teachings. By combining colourful pictures with interesting stories, the company aims to make learning about Islam an enjoyable experience for young Muslims.


2. JSwipe: Jewish Dating


JSwipe – Jewish Dating & Love - Apps on Google Play


JSwipe is a dating app specifically designed for Jewish singles. Often referred to as the “Jewish Tinder,” JSwipe has transformed the way Jewish people connect and find love.

The app offers features that resonate with Jewish customs and traditions – allowing people search by sect, location and how religiously observant potential dates are. It provides a modern solution for Jewish people to find partners that share their faith. With its user-friendly app and a large user base, JSwipe has become a popular app in the Jewish dating world.


3. Glorify: Daily Christian Worship


Glorify - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Glorify is an app designed to help Christian spirituality through tech. Its 360 platform offers resources for daily worship, including Bible readings, Christian music, and meditative exercises.

Designed to help Christians deepen their faith, Glorify provides a spiritual journey that can be accessed through your phone at any time. The app’s goal is to create a peaceful space for Christians helping them to connect with God within their busy lives.


4. Muzz (Formerly Muzmatch): Muslim Dating


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Muzz, formerly known as Muzmatch, is an dating app specifically designed for the Muslim community.

This platform incorporates Islamic customs and values, offering unique features like chaperone support and enhanced privacy settings. Muzz aims to make the process of finding a life partner halal, easy, and fun.

With a large user base and a reputation for success, Muzz has become a leading app for single Muslims looking for a partner that shares their faith.


5. Choyr: Building Christian Church Communities



Choyr is a private social network specifically for church members. The platform allows members of a church community to connect, share, and communicate within a secure and private environment. Churches can sign up their communities individually, with members then able to connect themselves.

Choyr aims to create a strong sense of community , making it easier for church members to engage with each other and share their faith.



6. Kestrl: Islamic FinTech


Kestrl - IFN Fintech Landscape


Kestrl is a FinTech platform designed to meet the needs of the Muslim community by adhering to Islamic banking principles. It offers a number of services that allow people to manage their finances in a way that aligns with their religious beliefs.

Kestrl’s services include halal savings accounts, investments, and personal finance tools, all operated under the guidelines of Sharia law. This ensures that all financial activities are ethical and compliant with Islam.


7. Buddhify: Meditation & Mindfulness App


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Buddhify, inspired by Buddist practices, is a modern approach to meditation and mindfulness. This app is particularly good for those with busy lifestyles, offering users a way to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily routines.

Buddhify provides a range of guided meditations targeting different aspects of life, such as work stress, sleep, and travelling. Its global popularity is a testament to how well it has made the ancient practice of meditation accessible and relevant to modern life.


8. SuperMeat: Kosher Meatless Chicken


SuperMeat - Wikipedia


SuperMeat has made headlines in the foodtech industry by obtaining kosher certification for its lab-grown chicken. This certification from the Orthodox Union is a big achievement, as it shows that the product complies with strict Jewish dietary laws.

SuperMeat produce meat without animal slaughter, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional meat. This is particularly important for those who observe kosher (and Halal) dietary rules, as it expands their options while respecting religious principles.


9. My Salah Mat: Smart Islamic Prayer Mat



My Salah Mat offers an inventive tech-driven solution to teaching Muslims, especially children, how to perform Salah (Islamic prayer). As the original creators of interactive prayer mats, this startup aims to make learning prayer easy and straightforward.

These mats use lights and sounds to guide users through the different postures and elements of prayer. This approach not only makes the learning process enjoyable for younger people but also provides a practical tool for people of all ages seeking to improve their Islamic prayer practice.


10. Mingle Guru: Hindu & Sikh Dating


Mingle Guru - Patel dating for British Asian singles in the UK


Mingle Guru is a dating service, specifically designed for the British Asian community.

The platform helps people search for a compatible partner by offering a service specifically for them. Mingle Guru provides an easy-to-use, safe, and respectful environment for singles to connect with potential partners who share similar cultural and religious values. By focusing on a specific community, Mingle Guru has created a niche for its audience, helping young people of a specific culture find love.