Top 10 Alternatives To Xero

Xero stands as a widely adopted cloud-based accounting software offering a wide range of features catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. However, despite its widespread popularity, it may not be the perfect fit for your business. Or, perhaps you’re just curious about exploring different platforms offering varied features and pricing models. In any case, exploring other options is always worthwhile.

Explore the utility of accounting software, highlighting why small businesses should contemplate investing in such tools, and dive into some notable alternatives to Xero.

Do I Need Accounting Software As A Small Business?

As a small business owner, you’ve likely: Do I really need accounting software?

The answer isn’t straightforward. It hinges on factors like your business’s size, your accounting proficiency, financial management needs, budget constraints, and time availability.

Accounting software comes with costs, but it can also be a valuable investment. It saves time, ensures accuracy and compliance, and facilitates transaction and revenue management. If these benefits resonate with you, accounting software could be a smart choice for your small business.

Now, let’s explore some top Xero alternatives to help you find the ideal fit for your business.


Best Xero Alternatives


1. QuickBooks




QuickBooks stands out as a highly popular accounting software tailored specifically for small businesses, presenting an excellent alternative to Xero. Its pricing ranges from £4.50 per year for self-employed individuals to £40.50 per year, providing flexibility that can be adjusted to match your business requirements.

With features encompassing self-assessment assistance, direct VAT submission to HMRC, tax estimation tools, income and expense management, cash flow insights, invoicing capabilities, payroll management, employee hour tracking, and more, QuickBooks offers a comprehensive platform. It seamlessly integrates with third-party apps, transitioning users from essential functions to advanced features, ensuring robust support for your business needs.


2. Sage




Sage caters specifically to startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), positioning itself as an ideal alternative to Xero for small businesses and those transitioning out of the small business realm.

With its robust capabilities spanning invoicing, cash flow management, tax handling, payments, inventory management, and payroll, Sage offers a comprehensive software solution. It boasts scalability, providing various features and plans tailored to startups, small enterprises, and medium-sized businesses, ensuring long-term growth alignment with your business needs.

Sage also simplifies HR responsibilities by integrating them into its platform, streamlining operations by consolidating HR and accounting functions.

Businesses can schedule a demo and explore a free trial to assess its suitability. Pricing varies based on the chosen plan, offering flexibility in aligning with your business requirements.


3. Rippling




Rippling is an all-encompassing platform that manages payroll, HR operations, IT, and company finances. Its data-centric approach focuses on optimising workforce management by maintaining accurate employee records, providing insights into employee structures and capabilities, thus enhancing workflow efficiency.

With robust HR capabilities, Rippling streamlines tasks such as payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, attendance tracking, and performance management. Additionally, it handles IT responsibilities by seamlessly integrating with third-party apps, managing app access securely, and assisting with device setup.

Moreover, Rippling extends its functionality to financial management, including employee expenses and payroll processing. Pricing varies depending on specific needs – whether it’s finance, HR, attendance, or a combination of services – yet all plans offer comprehensive solutions tailored to optimise workforce operations.


4. Melio




Melio provides accounting software for businesses, emphasising efficient invoice payments to enhance cash flow. Whether you’re settling bills with local or global suppliers, streamlining payments, or generating virtual cards for online expenses, Melio handles it all.

Integrated seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks, Melio offers a solution for those who may be transitioning from Xero while still needing its features. With its mobile app, you can access your accounting dashboard anytime, anywhere. Melio caters to various industries, supporting startups and freelancers alike.

Every Melio account offers a comprehensive set of features, including payment tracking, bill management, and payment requests. Additional services come at a minimal charge starting from $1.50, ensuring flexibility and affordability in managing your business finances.


5. Sekure Payment Experts


Sekure Payment Experts


Sekure Payment Experts simplifies payment processing, relieving the burden of financial accounting so you can concentrate on advancing your business. Supporting various industries, Sekure provides peace of mind to businesses of all types during payment transactions.

Their payment experts offer freedom and flexibility, securing the best deals and providing the appropriate point-of-sale hardware and software for your needs.



6. SumUp




SumUp offers complete financial assistance for your business, focusing on end-to-end money management solutions for worry-free payments. The platform prioritises convenient, affordable, and equitable transactions to ensure your peace of mind with every interaction. Whether you’re processing in-person or remote transactions, sending invoices, accessing funds faster, managing transactions, or simply spending your earnings, SumUp has you covered.

The platform provides essential products such as card readers so you can accept payments from anywhere, including contactless cards, and a user-friendly POS Lite device to streamline your checkout process. Monitor your finances effortlessly with our Business Account app. Additionally, you can establish an online store and offer gift cards, making SumUp ideal for SMEs seeking to operate a local business.


7. Zoho Books


Zoho Books


Zoho Books stands out as a top accounting software solution for its robust features and affordability across all subscription tiers. Even its higher-tier plans offer excellent value for money. According to Nerd Wallet, Zoho Books’ free plan accommodates businesses with an annual revenue below approximately £40k, making it an ideal choice for smaller enterprises.

With Zoho Books, you can streamline VAT preparation, file tax returns with HMRC, automate workflows, send invoices, and negotiate deals – all while handling day-to-day accounting tasks, allowing you to focus on business operations. Ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations brings peace of mind, while the suite of over 50 Zoho apps caters to every aspect of your business, enabling scalable growth with confidence in Zoho’s adaptability.

The software offers a comprehensive free version, with a standard version priced at £10 annually, unlocking additional features. There’s also an option to upgrade to a £165 per year plan, with various plans in between, providing flexibility to tailor the solution to your business needs.


8. OneUp




Ideal for freelancers and small businesses, OneUp provides a highly customisable accounting software solution. With your personalised client portal, you can access an intuitive interface tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer hands-on control or want OneUp to manage everything for you, the platform offers flexibility to suit your preferences.

OneUp boasts a comprehensive range of features, including dashboards, invoicing, CRM, purchasing, inventory, project management, logistics, and finance. Its mobile app ensures accessibility wherever you are, allowing you to prioritise client needs efficiently.

Furthermore, OneUp offers 24/7 live support, catering to users seeking extensive assistance. With a generous 40% sign-up discount, your monthly price per user can start at just $5.40, making it an attractive and cost-effective option for managing your finances.


9. FreshBooks




FreshBooks offers user-friendly accounting and bookkeeping features designed for freelancers, self-employed individuals, contractors, and businesses of all sizes, ensuring flexibility to suit your needs. With over 30 million users, FreshBooks streamlines invoicing, tracks cash flow and expenses, files VAT returns, automates client payments for prompt transactions and generates comprehensive business reports to track performance.

The FreshBooks mobile app enables you to manage your business from anywhere, ensuring accessibility and convenience. You can explore all features with a free trial, and if satisfied, pricing options range from £7.50 to £17.50 per month for the premium model, allowing FreshBooks to scale alongside your business growth.


10. Wave




Wave’s suite of money management tools is tailored to assist small business owners. Featuring a user-friendly dashboard suitable for individuals with varying levels of accounting expertise, Wave enables users to perform a multitude of tasks. From generating invoices and managing payments for retainer clients to accepting online payments, processing payroll, and tracking business performance using its free accounting tools, Wave offers comprehensive solutions.

What sets Wave apart is its completely free service, which allows unlimited collaborators and connections to banks and credit cards without any hidden costs. This simplicity makes Wave the ideal choice for those launching a small business, offering a straightforward and accessible solution.