23. 01 Founders

Company: 01 Founders

Founder: Joysy John

Website: https://01founders.co

Business: A new coding school and talent agency that will offer life-changing opportunities to 100,000 people in the UK to pursue a well-paid career in tech.


About 01 Founders

In June 2021, 01 Founders launched a new innovative coding school providing free education and a job guarantee. The unique model is based on peer-to-peer learning, centred around collective intelligence and creativity.

Based at a campus in Central London, 01 Founders will unearth 100,000 people in the UK with an undiscovered talent for coding, guaranteeing them a high quality tech job at the end of a two-year on-campus course and burdening them with no student debt.

The new institution will produce high quality, full-stack developers to work in cybersecurity, blockchain, the metaverse and artificial intelligence. Accessible to anyone who passes an online game, 01 Founders will nurture a diverse group of students who will in most cases be plucked out of completely different lines of work, before training them to become some of the best coders in the world.

The first cohort of learners that successfully passed a rigorous three-week selection process included a chef, two bus drivers, an interior designer and a musician.

The peer to peer model, which is project-based, and built on a gamified platform, personalises learning and is built on a model originally developed at the famous School 42 in Paris, France, under the auspices of 01 Edu, run by the founder Nicolas Sadirac. The approach has been operated in over 40 countries, achieving results that compare favourably to alternative education paths such as university or apprenticeships. 01 Founders offers 100% of its learners a job guarantee after two years of intense learning, and expects a completion rate of 95% based on the record in other markets.


01 founders


In the UK, the approach has also been designed to tackle diversity in tech. 01 Founders expects the 100,000 graduating by 2030 to reflect a diverse contribution to the UK’s tech sector, with representation from 50% female, 50% disadvantaged backgrounds and at least 30% from ethnic minority backgrounds. The vision is to have a transformative effect on the tech talent scene in the UK and give companies the much-needed support to transform their overarching diversity goals.

Following launch, 01 Founders has received the backing of major names in tech, with Peloton, Nominet and Faculty committed to offering careers to graduates. Entrepreneurs at Snyk, Softbank and the Black Heart foundation have provided funding to support the living costs of learners during the two years of their study.

01 Founders’ campus is part of the Capital City College Group, one of the UK’s largest further education and adult education providers.

Anyone who thinks they may have what it takes to pivot into a tech sector career can go online today and play the game at: 01founders.co


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