10. Lyfeguard

Company: Lyfeguard

Founders: Fraser Stewart and Gary Stewart

Website: https://lyfeguard.com/

About Lyfeguard


Lyfeguard stands at the forefront of digital life management, offering a secure and comprehensive platform that brings clarity and cohesion to the often fragmented realm of personal information.

Acclaimed as “the leading digital platform for comprehensive life planning,” Lyfeguard functions not merely as a storage vault, but as a dynamic tool that actively enriches daily life. It goes beyond information safekeeping, offering insightful, real-time data analysis that aids in time and financial management, and in planning effectively for the future.

The platform’s seamless integration with Open Finance, coupled with intuitive reminders and robust sharing capabilities, transforms raw data into actionable insights. This empowers Lyfeguard’s users to make informed, smart decisions, giving them a clear, organised, and animated view of their personal and financial landscapes.

Lyfeguard’s inception in 2021 was rooted in the deeply personal journey of its founders, inspired by the challenging experiences they faced in managing the aftermath of losing loved ones. Gary, having endured the loss of two close friends, found himself deeply involved in assisting their families through the daunting task of estate management.

The ordeal was intensified by the absence or inaccessibility of crucial legal and financial documents, exacerbating the emotional toll of grief. This profound experience illuminated the need for a solution that would spare others from facing similar hardships, thereby planting the seed for what would become the Lyfeguard vision.

Since its early days, Lyfeguard has significantly expanded its scope and functionality, transforming into a comprehensive life management platform. Its primary aim is to facilitate a sense of order and security for individuals planning for the future. The platform is designed to serve not only individual consumers but also financial advisers, who find immense value in the tool.

For advisers, Lyfeguard acts as a conduit for enhanced client interaction, offering immediate access to essential information. This accessibility not only streamlines the process of client servicing but also reduces the time and resources spent on gathering information. Additionally, it opens avenues for identifying potential revenue opportunities, thanks to the rich data the platform provides.

By catering to both direct consumers and financial professionals, Lyfeguard stands as a versatile and vital tool in life and estate planning.

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