11. Antavo

Company: Antavo

Founder: Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Website: https://antavo.com/


Deliver gamified loyalty experiences with Antavo


About Antavo


Launched in 2012, Antavo is the SaaS company behind the next-gen loyalty program technology trusted by household names such as KFC UK & Ireland, Luisaviaroma and Kathmandu, as well as some of the world’s biggest global fashion brands.

Antavo’s technology helps brands manage experience-based, gamified, paid and lifestyle loyalty programs. It’s omnichannel: online, in-store or on mobile. The platform is API-centric, meaning the front end can be customised to companies’ liking and no code is required. Loyalty and marketing teams can run their program without the need for additional IT support.

Antavo’s capabilities enable retailers to engage customers outside of the buying cycle and build a meaningful relationship with them. Loyalty offerings need to be as diverse as the customers and Antavo’s platform supports this. Innovative programs include rewarding customers for healthy choices like the ones offered by Rip Curl or Bergzeit. A sports tracker can be linked to the loyalty program, so if a user reaches certain workout milestones, a corresponding reward is triggered in the system.

Since COVID, the popularity of paid loyalty membership programs has skyrocketed and the market is predicted to be worth more than $30 billion by the end of 2029. Gartner states that one in three companies will have a loyalty program by 2027.

Antavo provides customers with a B2B SaaS tool that enables them to run their own loyalty program that works in both online and offline environments and supports web frontend or custom mobile apps. In-store programs are run either through a mobile wallet application or POS integration.

Antavo’s revenue went from less than 1M EUR to 5M EUR in two years. In 2022, the company achieved a 3.2 times year-on-year growth and a three-fold increase in headcount. The business constantly innovates to ensure clients have unique offerings and has published quarterly product releases since 2018.

Antavo’s success is mirrored in that of its clients. Club Rip Curl is the global sportswear brand’s lifestyle membership program. Its data reveals that 97% of members have made at least one purchase; 20% of weekly sales are made by members and there is a 22% growth in overall average purchase frequency.

Antavo also worked with KFC to create a loyalty program based on gamification. The KFC Rewards Arcade has a 40% reward redemption rate and 70% of customers would recommend KFC Rewards Arcade to friends and family. There has also been a 53% increase in the number of KFC app downloads.

In 2022, Antavo closed €10M Series A funding to help brands engage their customers and give rise to next-gen omnichannel loyalty programs – the fundraising deal was featured on Sky News. The business has also grown from 40 to over 100 staff over the last 18 months and shows no signs of slowing.

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