100. postcode pours

Company: postcode Pours

Founder: Veena McCoole

Website: https://www.postcodepours.com/


postcode pours candles logo


About postcode pours


Veena McCoole set up her own small business – postcode pours – a personalised, organic candle business which donates 20% of its profits to Centrepoint UK, in the middle of the pandemic. She started it as a ‘side hustle’ from her busy office job in communications and as a way to raise money for those less fortunate and without safe homes.

postcode is now a fully-fledged small business experiencing significant demand and impressive growth. The customer proposition is to personalise candles using the postcodes that are closest to people’s hearts – such as for housewarming gifts to make new memories in a new home or to bring back nostalgia for an old special place. Most are London-focused as she is London-based, but with increasing national and international reach too.


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