99. Robin AI

Company: Robin AI

Founders: Richard Robinson, James Clough

Website: https://www.robinai.co.uk/


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About Robin AI


Starting initially with contracts, Robin AI is building the AI co-pilot for law, leveraging the latest generative AI technologies to dramatically simplify and speed up the drafting, reviewing and querying of contracts.

Co-founded by CEO Richard Robinson and CTO Dr James Clough in 2019, Robin AI is solving the problem of time and process inefficiencies in the legal process through the use of Generative AI. By combining this technology with traditional legal services, the company enables the automation of repetitive tasks in the legal industry, thereby allowing legal teams to move faster, spend more time strategically, save money, and ultimately make legal services more accessible for everyone.

Ex-magic-circle lawyer Richard saw the need for a legal tech like Robin AI after seeing how much of his time (and that of his colleagues) was taken up by performing monotonous tasks. Richard partnered up with James – someone he met during his university days – who has a Master’s and a PhD in Theoretical Physics and is also a software engineer and machine learning expert, to create Robin AI.

The legal tech combines a Large Language Model (LLM), Anthropic’s Claude, with its proprietary contract data and own machine learning approach, as well as its team of in-house legal experts so that the Robin-AI copilot can understand contracts to high levels of accuracy. These legal professionals continuously review the output of the AI system, providing a feedback loop to train and improve it. As such, Robin AI cuts the cost of reviewing a contract by 86% and the time it takes to review contracts by 82%. Not only does Robin AI’s technology empower its customers of in-house legal departments and small law firms to save time and money, but it also frees up lawyers to focus on more strategic tasks.


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