Company: AAZZUR

Founders: Philipp Buschmann and Martin Damaskeç

Website: https://www.aazzur.com/




AAZZUR was founded in 2017 by seasoned Financial Services experts: Tech entrepreneur Philipp Buschmann, Management Consultant and Banking entrepreneur Martin Damaske and IT professional Richard Unger. Its mission is to build profitable banking whilst at the same time empowering consumers to have access to better-informed financial choices.

Our platform enables the seamless creation and integration of financial services that benefit individuals and the broader society. We are committed to empowering consumers to become better informed and richer, in every segment of life and society, through better financial services.

As the world’s changed so must the way we interact with our finances, AAZZUR is solving the problem of financial inclusion and accessibility faced by so many people worldwide, by working with non-financial companies to deliver financial products and services to their end customers at the point of need.

Through our work, we hope to empower future generations to build wealth and have high levels of financial literacy. Embedded Finance allows financial services to be consumed at the point of need. Embedded payments have already happened (you don’t have to contact MasterCard for every payment).

But for loans, investments and insurance uptake is predominantly via an insurance broker or bank. Railsbank, additiv, Solaris, and Rize allow companies to embed Financial Services and these services will continue to shift from the domain of the banks to everyone else.

There’s one hurdle – no one wants to build a fintech-tech stack. It is expensive, and it takes time. AAZZUR is a layer above fintech, BaaS, lending as a service, and wealth tech; the tech stack is built and the suppliers work with one another.

With AAZZUR clients can consume embedded financial services by choosing from a modular product catalogue. Imagine foraging for food (and building a kitchen) or ordering from a menu, the difference is 10x cheaper and 4x faster to market.


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