13. The Content Architects – Hena Husain

Company: The Content Architects

Founder: Hena Husain

Website: https://thecontentarchitects.com/ 

Business: The Content Architects is a platform that shows businesses a digital map of upcoming rending topics and dates.


About Hena and The Content Architects

The Content Architects was founded in 2021 by PR professional turned entrepreneur, Hena Husain, and was and subsequently awarded a place on MSDUK’s Autumn 2021 Start-Ups accelerator cohort.

Hena founded The Content Architects with the aim to solve a problem faced by many in the industry: How do I stay culturally relevant? The business started as a PDF, backed by The Princes Trust, and have since launched a platform, key dates finder to meet the needs of today’s marketers.  The platform functions like a map of upcoming trending topics and notable key dates.

The Content Architects’ flagship platform is called the Key Dates Finder, a fully integrated B2B SAAS platform. The tool started as a PDF and has grown into what it is today– a digital map of upcoming trending topics and notable key dates across the seasonal calendar, keeping comms professionals, marketers, and creators in the know.


content architects


The Content Architects is built by a diverse team, who has worked on over 80 brands across a range of sectors. Over 20,000 hours spent strategising on global campaigns.

Hena’s career has been within the PR industry working with brands such as P&G, MasterCard, and the United Nations. Having worked across big brands and small start-ups, she realised that to be good at her job, it was important to be ahead of the curve on trending topics.

In such a high-pressure industry, Hena strove to find a way to streamline the notoriously cumbersome and time-intensive processes associated with staying on top of key marketing dates.

The Content Architects is on a mission to help creators stay relevant and topical, so that they can position their brand at the forefront of emerging trends and culture.


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