12. Xampla – Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia

Company: Xampla

Founder: Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia

Website: https://www.xampla.com/

Business: Xampla has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use.


About Dr Marc and Xampla

Xampla is a deep tech company that is commercialising technology first developed at the University of Cambridge. Founded in 2020 based on 15 years of research, Xampla has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use.

The company is also the first University spinout in the UK to be awarded B-Corp status.

Taking inspiration from the formulation of spider silk, Xampla uses its industry leading expertise and research to engineer innovative resins and materials. Made entirely from plant protein, the material requires no additional chemical additives or crosslinking, meaning it is both edible and soluble and requires no complex industrial composting or recycling processes.

This is first and only technology globally made from plant proteins to replace plastic. The patented natural polymer is ready for commercial use and is a drop-in replacement for existing manufacturing systems.




Uniquely versatile, Xampla’s next-generation material can be used in a range of product formats, such as ‘micropackaging’ vitamins and minerals in beverages and as a replacement for polluting plastics used to wrap dishwasher tablets and food products.

Since 2020, the company has already developed and brought a range of product formats to market with global and multinational companies. In the past year alone, Xampla has partnered with global drinks retailer, Britvic, on its world-first vitamin microcapsules technology, worked with multinational company, Croda, on its next-generation, biodegradable seed coatings, and been selected as one of the top eight leading companies across the world pioneering plastic alternatives in Tom Ford’s Plastic Innovation Prize.

Working with Gousto, Xampla has even created the world’s first edible stock cube wrapper which enabled consumers to actually eat their packaging, which is done by boiling the product (wrapper and all) in hot water. Gousto has shared that this innovation would save 17 tonnes of single use plastic annually, if rolled out across all of its meal kits.

From making its first hire in 2020, Xampla’s team has grown with industry experts hired from leading FMCG companies, and the sector’s best scientists from across the world.

Based in its laboratories in Cambridge, Xampla announced at the start of 2022 that it had expanded into another lab to increase its capacity for R&D to develop products for multi-national brands. In 2023, further announcements on partnerships and new product developments will be revealed as the company drives forwards its mission to replace polluting single-use plastics once and for all.


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