11. Academy2Earn – Mr Gurvz

gurvin singh dyal

Company: Academy2Earn

Founder: Gurvin Singh Dyal (Mr Gurvz)

Website: https://www.academy2e.com/

Business: Online courses for eCommerce, Amazon FBA, drop shipping and more – run by Instagram personality Mr Gurvz and helping young people to start businesses and side hustles.


About Gurvin and Academy2Earn

Academy2Earn is an online business educational platform, launched by the Insta-famous Gurvin Singh Dyal, known by many on social media as Mr Gurvz.

Members sign up from £97 per month (with several offers and discounts on Mr Gurvz’s social media) and get access to a number of high level online courses that specialise in droppshiping, eCommerce, Amazon FBA and other clever ways to generate income online. The courses are designed to be practical and allow people to start with little capital and to generate revenue in the early stages – to the point that Mr Gurvz often challenges people to only pay commission to him or the course once they have made their first £10,000 in revenue (often in just a few weeks).




Mr Gurvz is a controversial young entrepreneur, who’s lifestyle of supercars, shopping sprees and hotel visits has seen him amount more than 1 million followers on instagram. His latest addition is a gold-wrapped McLaren, just one of his many exploits that has attracted the attention of journalists in recent times.

Gurvz started his business career with the help of a grant from Plymouth University, where he was studying sciences – and following hours of learning how to do Forex trading online, he was able to turn around a small fortune, and enough to buy his first supercar, a Maserati. Amidst controversy, he explains that his days of Forex are ‘well behind him’ and ‘too close to gambling’ to pursue as a career. But since, he has developed huge volumes of sales and revenue through eCommerce through selling yankee candles, household appliances and vaping (amongst others).

Despite being only 23, Mr Gurvz is on the radar of many journalists and large press publications. From headlines of one of his vehicles being tampered with, from cash giveaways to his followers, he has broken through various boundaries as a young person from a humble background and his academy is a tribute to his success.


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