13. Trustfull

Company: Trustfull

Founder: Marko Maras

Website: https://trustfull.com/



About Trustfull


Trustfull is a real-time risk intelligence platform that helps companies across multiple industries assess threats and provides a safer online experience by developing risk assessment models based on artificial intelligence.

Specialising in analysing digital footprints to enhance identity screening, fraud prevention, and digital onboarding experiences. Trustfull’s platform evaluates risks by analysing thousands of digital signals deriving from phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, devices, and browsers.

This data is instrumental in feeding proprietary scoring algorithms for account opening protection, transaction risk analysis, and account takeover protection. Using these algorithms, Trustfull has helped enterprises such as Younited, Trulioo, Twilio, and Cofidis reinforce risk assessment processes, block suspicious transaction attempts, and increase conversion rates.

When did you start?

Trustfull was established in 2020 with a mission to safeguard digital-first companies from falling prey to casual and organised fraud. In 2022, it raised more than €6.5 million from United Ventures and other investors which supported the significant strengthening of its senior management with hires from multinational companies such as UniCredit, Experian, and Telesign and created an international business development hub in Belgrade (Serbia) to support its international growth.

What problem are you setting out to solve and what are the results so far?

Fraud is an ever-present threat in the digital space and one that is evolving rapidly. Last year alone, 46% of organisations in the US faced synthetic identity fraud. With advancements in AI, businesses are likely to face more potent forms of fraud, incurring billions of dollars in losses over the next few years.

Trustfull aims to solve this problem in both regulated industries, such as payments and financial institutions, as well as non-regulated sectors such as travel, gaming, gambling, and dating companies where users need to be verified.

The platform enhances security without friction for users, allowing the most authentic customers through faster. The silent checks are also future-proof by being fully GDPR and privacy-compliant.

By applying its technological edge to innovation and educating customers about the new frontiers of fraud prevention, Trustfall ensures it stays ahead of new attacks.

Trustfull aims to become the preferred destination for enterprise clients seeking technology to support more accurate risk decisions, especially during the pre-screening phase. With the global digital identity management solutions market projected to reach $70.8 billion by 2030, Trustfull is strongly positioned to lead the charge in creating safe digital experiences.

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