14. RoverPass

Company: RoverPass

Founders: Ravi Parikh, Jay Manickam and Paul Cross

Website: https://www.roverpass.com/


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About RoverPass


RoverPass is the world’s first search engine for booking RV parks and campgrounds online. It is a one-stop destination for campground reservations where RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds. Our winning combination of software and a stellar customer support team helps tourists search for campgrounds and RV parks online. Besides, we offer a unique RoverPass Booking System to manage reservations.

RoverPass is a tech start-up having its base in Austin, Texas. The company was initially launched in December 2014 as an extensive online marketplace with a national parks and RV site database. Interested tourists could reserve campsites directly from the website.

However, we realized reserving campsites was insufficient because our customers wanted much more. There was tremendous potential to serve parks by helping them fill inventory. So, we have evolved to offer dual services – a) helping campgrounds fill inventory with a robust central reservation system and b) helping campers book their site through an expansive online marketplace.

Today, RoverPass works to simplify booking and payment and manage the reservation process efficiently. However, our primary focus is on RV parks and campgrounds. At the same time, we offer booking and reservations for all outdoor travel and recreational activities.

We are more like an Expedia for campgrounds and RV parks, with our easy-to-use, excellent software for campgrounds and travel agents to help RVers. Today, we have an extensive database of campgrounds and RV parks, enabling campers to search for their preferred sites online. Our database is available for searching by state and city options. We cover almost the entire United States, representing each state on our website. Thus, we have a dedicated customer base from almost every US state. We propose to expand our services to the European and Australian continents soon.

So, if you wish to book your campground or RV park online, you know where to search for credible information and finalize your plans. RoverPass is your destination.

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