15. CareLineLive

Company: CareLineLive

Founder: Josh Hough

Website: https://carelinelive.com/



About CareLineLive


CareLineLive is an award-winning all-in-one home care management software designed to aid domiciliary care. Founder, Josh Hough, frustrated about inadequate access and information regarding his grandfather’s care, was inspired to transform the industry in 2014.

CareLineLive has digitised processes for home care providers such as carer rostering, administration and care planning to increase efficiency and workload capacity and improve the quality of overall care. Given that home care is becoming a more popular option for individuals needing social care, CareLineLive is helping the sector to meet increasing demand at the same time as making the providers more financially robust.

CareLineLive’s cloud-based solution eliminates the need for paper-based work processes. This allows care agencies to become more environmentally sustainable. Adoption of CareLineLive is helping the UK Government’s target that 80% of England’s CQC registered providers have digital social care records by March 2024.

CareLineLive is used via a Management Platform, a Carer Companion mobile app, and a Family & Friends Portal that can be accessed anywhere and anytime; this creates a complete “circle of care” by facilitating real-time flow of information among carers, service users, healthcare professionals and family members.

Through the use of CareLineLive, many home care providers (agencies) benefit from significant time and cost savings and they are also more compliant with their regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the efficiencies achieved also allow carers to have more time to care for service users. It is one of the few home care management software providers that have achieved NHSx accreditation as a Digital Social Care Records-approved supplier.

CareLineLive’s solution has received great recognition for its contribution to home healthcare, most recently securing a double win at the Building Better Healthcare awards for Best Healthcare Software and the special Patient’s Choice award. These wins highlight how CareLineLive’s software is actively improving processes and operational efficiencies within the homecare sector.

CareLineLive’s support of social care is evident through its partnership with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Belfast. The Trust is responsible for providing health and social care for 354,000 people and provides over 30,000 domiciliary care visits a week. Before partnering with CareLineLive, the home care service was managed with generic office software such as spreadsheets, word processors and printed paper-based rotas delivered by post. Untimely information flows resulted in a lack of care, and excessive administrative work led to workplace inefficiency. The Trust procured CareLineLive’s software to maximise its resources. Over eight months, missed calls were reduced by 96% and an additional 3,919 hours of capacity were created with no additional recruitment or hires. It has also benefited the service users, with 87% reporting better service delivery.

CareLineLive plans to continue its expansion into international markets to improve homecare services all over the world.

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