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Company: GestureTalk

Founders: Yuvasuneet Karampudi, Mohammad Assad and Jameer Ahmed

Website: https://gesturetalk.in/

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About GestureTalk


Our venture, Gesture Talk (established in the year 2023), aims to solve the communication barriers faced by deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. Currently, these individuals rely on written notes and on an interpreter to interpret their thoughts to other people.

This whole process can be time-consuming, and the individuals might feel very dependent on notes or an interpreter, which might cause situations where they will limit themselves. The affected people are coping with this problem by adapting their communication methods and avoiding situations where they must communicate with others.

This entire experience might result in the individual feeling isolated and frustrated. There might be many missed opportunities in various aspects of the individual’s life, including education, employment, and social interactions.

Gesture Talk, our startup that aims to provide seamless communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, is currently in the Prototype stage. We have successfully generated an innovative solution to tackle the communication barriers faced by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing by creating a prototype with hardware components that can translate hand gestures into speech in real-time.

Our goal is to continue to improve the technology and refine our product to meet the needs of our target market. We are confident that our innovative solution can revolutionize communication for the deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and provide them with the opportunity to communicate effectively.

Customers for Gesture Talk:

Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing: This is the primary customer segment for Gesture Talk. The product is specifically designed to provide seamless communication for individuals facing communication barriers due to hearing impairment.

Caregivers and family members of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing: This segment includes individuals who provide care or support to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, such as parents of deaf children or caregivers of elderly individuals with hearing loss.

Educational institutions and employers: This segment includes schools, universities, and businesses that employ deaf individuals or work with them regularly. Gesture Talk could promote better communication in educational and workplace settings.

Healthcare providers: This segment includes hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities that serve individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Gesture Talk could be used as a tool to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients.

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