15. Unhidden – Victoria Jenkins

Company: Unhidden

Founder: Victoria Jenkins

Website: https://unhiddenclothing.com/

Business: Adaptive fashion made for and by disabled people. Purpose led business with social justice, education and awareness of barriers faced by the disabled community part of the core values and mission.


About Victoria and Unhidden

Unhidden is a socially responsible adaptive fashion brand that is made for disable people, by disabled people. Unhidden was founded in 2017 but launched in November 2020. The brand was created after founder Victoria’s own journey with disability, and meeting a patient in 2016 who first demonstrated the lack of stylish, inclusive design. The patient was unable to access her own body or wear clothing outside of t-shirts and jogging bottoms, and this needed to change.

“I remember watching her from the other side of the ward and thinking ‘there must be companies out there to help’ but Google returned few results. It was then, in that hospital, in front of that amazing lady that the idea of Unhidden was born.”

Unhidden’s mission is to give back dignity and style; they consider every condition and ability when designing their range. They are committed to learning and improving as the company moves forward.




Each garment that Unhidden creates have different adaptations, almost all of which are discreet so they are in fact ‘hidden’. The universal design means that any body can wear garments – and that is true of all but the seated trousers that Unhidden offers.

They engage in collaborations with companies that share their ethics such as Origin x Unhidden – Origin is the UK’s first not-for-profit fashion brand. The collaborative tee collection is made from 100% rain fed African cotton that has been produced in Kenya by a female led supply chain, paying above fare living wages and investing in community development.

Their reviews say it all: ‘It turns out that a safe, comfortable, practical and smart pair of trousers for a wheelchair user isn’t too much to ask! Wonderful and thoughtful work from Unhidden.’ – Pete Reed, Olympian

Each design can also be customised to the wearers’ needs: Unhidden offers a choice of Velcro, poppers, or magnets, as well as differing leg and arm lengths. The range is also completely size inclusive – any size can and will be made. The designs can help both the wearer and their carers with dressing – a basic human right. Unhidden’s mission is to make adaptive and universal designs mainstream.


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