16. MindSafe – Charlotte Hodivala

Company: MindSafe

Founder: Charlotte Hodivala

Website: https://mind-safe.com/

Business: MindSafe is an online mental wellbeing tool for pupils and schools


About Charlotte and MindSafe

Mental well-being and health support provision for children and young people had been failing before Covid the situation seems to be getting worse. This is where Charlotte saw an opportunity and a need to act.

Developed with children, schools, GPs with mental health expertise and educational psychologists, MindSafe is the UK’s fastest-growing digital well-being tool for pupils. It offers a unique child-led digital approach.

MindSafe’s revolutionary platform meets NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit standards and fills the gap between current advice being given to children and young people on mental well-being and resilience and acting on that advice, in a supported way.

Existing systems are trying to adapt to use technology but are not easy to use and still applying old processes and heavily reliant on “in person” activity – they are not scalable and are beginning to fail on contracts. Most schools have support staff with limited training, often travelling long distances for a few hours a week. Using current systems, they would need 10+ full-time staff to support wellbeing at current needs levels – not achievable, affordable, or environmentally friendly.


Charlotte started MindSafe to ensure every child can have a way to access some early help and build their own resilience with self-driven care, using an online platform that is available to them 24/7. The company started in 2018 and currently have 2 employees, Charlotte and Dr Liz England.

MindSafe supports 25,000+ pupils, and with how rapidly the company is growing, they are looking to have 12-15 employees in the next 2 years. They are working in partnership with established organisations such as Birmingham City Council, Staffordshire City Council, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network, Innovate UK, Worcestershire LEP, many schools across the UK, and have recently joined Worcestershire’s technology accelerator BetaDen, to gain expert support and accelerate our route to market.

MindSafe doesn’t just change how mental well-being support is delivered to pupils, but it also improves the resilience and mental strength of future generations, impacting them throughout their lives. There are no access barriers to MindSafe’s tools and platform. Every child, from every background, can access support 24/7 from any internet-enabled device at home, school or even the public library.

Since founding MindSafe, Charlotte has brought together a world-class group of people and delivered a digital online well-being platform like no other for children ages 6-18. The team has used the data from MindSafe to prove the need for this platform, verify that pupils and staff engage with it and determine what developments are needed next for this project.

The team of experienced experts from the public and private sectors will deliver on this project and follow up with rapid, large-scale commercialisation of a self-driven, decentralised healthcare tool.


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