18. Pixelz AI – Dean Hopkins, Nadia Bakir, Alex Jay

pixelz ai

Company: Pixelz AI

Founders: Dean Hopkins, Nadia Bakir and Alex Jay

Website: https://pixelz.ai/

Business: Pixelz AI is an AI art generator that uses machine learning to create artworks from text.


About Dean, Nadia, Alex and Pixelz AI

Pixelz AI is an AI Art generator enabling users to create unique & beautiful art from text using Stable Diffusion, PXL·E Realistic & Guided Diffusion Algorithms.

AI art generation is the process of using machines to draw and paint based on a set of inputs provided by the user. By pitting multiple neural networks against each other and training against large data sets. Users can create artwork in the style of their favourite artist or merge styles, for example Van Gogh and Cyberpunk.

Traditionally, artificial intelligence or machine learning has been impossible for the average person to access, or is introduced in subtle ways, with virtually no interaction from the user, but Pixelz AI brings these capabilities to the everyday user.



Developers and mathematicians around the world have come together in an open source community to create the base algorithmic libraries that are used by Pixelz AI. They have written a custom implementation of the popular DALL · E hyper-realistic algorithm called PXL · E, which enables users to create realistic imagery from text.

Pixelz AI is just 6 months old, to date has generated 3 million images for its users across 136 countries with multiple mentions in TechCrunch and other tech publications. We are a small but mighty team of 3, (Alex, Dean & Nadia) completely bootstrapped and the only AI Art Generator on the market allowing users to create AI Art on Web, Mobile App and Discord.

The team at Pixelz AI have worked incredibly hard to achieve all this in 6 months with a small team and have overcome many challenges. Their platform is backed by a custom built auto-scaling cluster of workers, meaning they are completely cloud agnostic and scalable from a back-end and front-end point of view.

The Pixelz AI roadmap is ambitious with exciting additions to launch around community, image restoration, training and refining existing general models for unique business applications, enterprise models, AR / VR, Integrations, Cloud as a service and digital assets.


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