19. Clu – Joseph Williams and Cayelan Mendoza


Company: Clu

Founders: Joseph Williams and Cayelan Mendoza

Website: https://www.getaclu.io/

Business: Clu is an inclusive and accessible UK-focused hiring platform that uses a match scoring algorithm to help make the working world work for everyone.


About Joseph, Cayelan and Clu

Clu is a UK-focused hiring platform making the working world work for everyone.

Every day “search and apply” recruitment platforms encourage job seekers to apply for millions of opportunities they will never be hired for. This universal process wastes significant organisational resources but also entrenches systemic oversight of the time and toll it takes for a job seeker to apply for a job.

‘Like most people, we experienced barriers to entry and exclusion in the job market. That’s why we created a new hiring process that gives everyone a greater opportunity to demonstrate their talent and get interviews in an equitable and accessible environment. Everyone deserves to feel valued, included and set up for success in the hiring process. And we won’t stop until we achieve that reality.’

Clu is fixing this global business issue with a social solution. Their platform uniquely ditches CVs and focuses on learning job seekers’ skills, behaviours, aspirations, and expectations and uses this data to present meaningful and relevant job opportunities to them – using a match scoring algorithm.


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Clu is inclusive, accessible and impact driven, by design. Their users commonly faced barriers to entry elsewhere because the systems they engaged with didn’t support their needs or they developed their skills on the non-traditional paths that are excluded by CV-sifting technology.

Clu anchors to proving demonstrable value outside of years’ experience and education background and creates equity of opportunity in the job market for those with the most to gain from it. They are enabling economic participation and social mobility at scale and offering a first-of-its-kind solution in a broken £419B market currently operating at 50% efficiency.

“Our vision is a working world that works for everyone. This means every single human capable of participating in the workforce is illuminated by their talents and can be given equitable opportunities to utilise them. But what does this mean? We are capturing volumes of data around skills, behaviours, salaries, demographics, and geographies.”


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