20. WithYouWithMe – Tom Moore

Company: WithYouWithMe

Founder: Tom Moore

Website: https://withyouwithme.com/

Business: WithYouWithMe is a social impact company, solving the digital skills shortage by building new talent from overlooked communities.


About Tom and WithYouWithMe

WithYouWithMe was founded by Tom Moore, former Australian platoon commander, after struggling to find work despite a distinguished career in the military, having been injured on duty in Afghanistan. He recognised that ex-servicemen, as well as other diverse groups such as refugees and neurodiverse individuals, were being denied a career pathway because of their CV, rather than their aptitude.

Being a veteran-founded organisation, veterans were initially the core demographic, but WithYouWithMe has since grown to include military spouses and their families, neurodivergent individuals, immigrants, and indigenous people. Ultimately, they want to assist as many people as possible in finding employment in IT, which the industry so desperately needs.

WithYouWithMe’s entire proposition is centred around revolutionising the HR sector, encouraging a shift in hiring practices to focus on future potential – not past experience – to support underrepresented and overlooked individuals into meaningful employment.

The ‘social impact’ company set out to address a fundamental flaw in the traditional job seeking and recruitment cycle: how can individuals identify what they’re good at, and how do we match them with a job that appeals to their strengths? Many companies match skills to profiles.



It is not uncommon for businesses to have separate recruitment, training, and skill development programs, while traditional HR technology matches businesses with candidates or finds individuals for specific roles.

WithYouWithMe’s technology platform, Potential, combines recruitment, profile assessment, skills matching, training, and job matching to identify and develop potential in veterans and other job seekers, to lower the barriers of entry into careers within the IT industry.

WithYouWithMe works with various government agencies and global businesses to address both the digital skills gap and its negative effects on society. Thousands of underemployed/unemployed job seekers have been able to start their careers in the technology industry as a result of WithYouWithMe, without having to invest additional time and money in training.

To assist these people in finding work, they focus on making entry-level IT jobs more accessible by offering free IT skills training and assisting clients in focusing on the job seekers’ potential based on their aptitude, rather than past experiences.

WithYouWithMe is on track to train up to 50,000 people to SFIA skill level 3 standard in the next two years. This is a significant leap forward from the recorded 5,000 people over the past two years.

WithYouWithMe’s plans for the future are to continue assisting individuals with finding jobs in a new labour market. This can be achieved by fundamentally reshaping how talent is viewed by employers, restructuring labour markets, and researching the decision making process that influences how people learn and choose careers.

Since WithYouWithMe’s launch, they have amassed 75,000 users on their platform and work with some of the UK’s leading organisations and government agencies. WithYouWithMe is making a real impact by placing people into meaningful employment.


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