21. Oja – Mariam Jimoh

Company: Oja

Founder: Mariam Jimoh

Website: https://oja.app/

Business: Oja is a one-stop-shop for cultural groceries & world foods that is revolutionising access to cultural & ethnic produce.


About Mariam and Oja

Oja is a super simple solution transforming access to cultural and specialist groceries. They are a startup bridging the gap between those who want access to ethnic or cultural products and local multicultural stores that carry these specialist products.

It’s very simple. You order from 1000s of products on Oja app, we pick the products up from the local store you’ve ordered from and deliver it to you as early as same-day delivery.


oja logo


“Oja was born out of frustration, I created Oja because it was something I personally needed. I am one of the exact customer segments Oja is serving; British-born children of (Nigerian) immigrants. I moved out of my childhood home, ready to take on the big bad world but still wanted access to the greatest connection to “home” I’ve had growing up; Nigerian foods and products.

I’ve spent years shopping in my parents’ cupboards when I visit or just having to substitute ingredients and products for lesser supermarket found products I never go on to buy again. This frustration prompted me to find a solution for this gap in the market.”


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