22. Dr. Squatch – Jack Haldrup

Company: Dr. Squatch

Founder: Jack Haldrup

Website: https://drsquatch.com/

Business: Dr. Squatch is a soap and hygiene brand targeted toward men, that operates on a monthly subscription box model.


About Jack and Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is a natural soap business founded by San Diego-based Jack Haldrup in 2013. The company makes millions each year selling a simple, natural soap product. Their main product is a soap bar made from lye, vegetable oil, and scented essential oils. It comes in scents such as “Pine Tar” and “Bay Rum”, and is marketed towards men. Haldrup has gone from selling soap from his apartment to shipping out 2,000 bars per day. Dr. Squatch soaps are manufactured in Indiana and North Carolina.

The majority of Dr. Squatch’s sales are made online, with an option to sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription service. This service costs between $6 to $18 per shipment, depending on how much soap is wanted and has over 17,000 active subscribers. One of their videos went viral online, racking up 12 million views and counting, and boosting Dr. Squatch’s subscription base increased by 6,000 in just 3 months.


Dr Squatch Logo


Haldrup says that his company came about from his autoimmune skin condition, psoriasis, causing him to try natural soap for the first time. These soaps agreed with his skin far better than supermarket soaps, and he saw a gap in the market. Haldrup is a former IT security consultant with an undergraduate degree in Finance and a master’s in Information Systems. He noticed early potential with Facebook Ads, and allocated most of his ad budget to social media.

Dr. Squatch soaps are marketed towards simple, outdoorsy men who might not otherwise know about the existence of natural soaps, which tend to be sold in farmer’s markets and health food stores.

Dr. Squatch has since expanded into selling other male hygiene products such as beard oil and shaving cream.


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