2. VivaCity

Company: VivaCity

Founders: Mark Nicholson, Yang Lu and Peter Mildon

Website: https://vivacitylabs.com/



About VivaCity


VivaCity, the transport technology scaleup, is transforming cities into smarter and more efficient places to live and work. By providing authorities with vital transport data, its solutions have been engineered to overcome the biggest transport challenges of this century: sustainability, road safety and network optimisation. It was founded in 2015 by its current CEO, CTO and COO who all met at Cambridge University while designing and manufacturing a road-legal solar-powered car.

VivaCity harnesses Artificial Intelligence sensors to gather accurate, detailed and anonymous data 24/7. This data covers transport modes, traffic flow and travel patterns, which can be used to aid strategic decisions that optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure. VivaCity’s Smart Signal Control proposition facilitates the integration of AI sensors with existing control systems in order to optimise signalling based on real-time demand.

Ensuring that our roads are safe is so important, especially considering active travel numbers have decreased due to a rise in road incidents. VivaCity’s solution allows cities to use AI technology to collect transport data and provide comprehensive, high-quality insight for future improvements. For those investing in projects to support sustainable travel, road safety and liveable neighbourhoods, VivaCity’s data is invaluable. It enables authorities to make more efficient planning, impact monitoring and assessment of a scheme’s success.

VivaCity’s Smart Road Safety product suite offers a revolutionary combination of datasets to enhance road safety, including ground-breaking Near Miss incident detection capability. The Near Miss feature identifies incident hotspots before collisions occur and determines the root cause of dangerous interactions. Most recently, this has been implemented in the West Midlands for the first UK road safety project of its kind.

VivaCity and the West Midlands authorities will spend 6-12 months gathering crucial insight data via the Near Miss feature. This demonstrates the real-world use of VivaCity’s innovative technology and through it, more authorities can improve road safety in a cost-effective way.

The company has received impressive recognition for making cities safer and more sustainable, most notably the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Innovation. VivaCity also won a Highways England Awards award in the category of Customer Focused Network Management. The winners of this award reflect the very best in the sector and demonstrate the highest standards for the industry.

VivaCity provides the right transport data at the right time for authorities and does so whilst maintaining data privacy standards. The company aims to continue ramping up expansion efforts, with recent launches into New Zealand, Ireland, and the US. VivaCity’s solution is crucial to making as many communities as safe as possible to travel and live in.

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