3. Workspace 365

Company: Workspace 365

Founders: Erik Nicolai and Hans de Graaf

Website: https://workspace365.net/en/



About Workspace 365


Workspace 365 is an all-in-one adaptive digital workplace that provides personalised access to all applications, company information and personal documents. We bring together all workplace apps, systems and information into a single interface with a single sign-on, making the digital workplace simpler and enabling employees to truly focus on their work.

Workspace 365 was launched in 2010 in the Netherlands, expanding across Europe to reach the UK in 2022.

The problem:

The proliferation of software applications has led to spiralling IT complexity, which is impacting businesses and overwhelming their people. With applications, notifications and information, scattered around, today’s fast-paced digital world is hindering employees’ ability to concentrate.

Workspace 365 aims to reduce 52 million unproductive hours around the world each year by providing a simpler, integrated system that empowers employees to focus on their jobs and improve productivity and collaboration.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced IT costs and efficient licensing. Replace or reduce Remote Desktop costs, reduced helpdesk ticket numbers and reduced complexity.
  • Easily adapts to the growing needs of a business, providing a flexible solution that can scale.
  • Single Sign On significantly reduces IT systems’ complexity and user password fatigue.
  • Robust security features ensure that sensitive information is kept confidential, protecting both the business and its clients’ data. Role-based displays and conditional access.
  • Increased productivity. A centralised, unified platform that integrates multiple tools and applications into a single interface. The platform streamlines work processes, saving time for employees and reducing complexity.
  • User-friendly environment for teams to collaborate on projects, share documentation and communicate, boosting team efficiency and productivity.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure provides users with secure access to their digital workspace from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our three modular packages provide the necessary tools, platforms and environment to shape the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and can now learn from user search behaviour to deliver the right content.

  1. Simplified Access (Hybrid) – Connects legacy systems with the cloud, removing any IT frustration from hybrid working.
  2. Simplified Communication (Engage) – Promotes engagement, information sharing and collaboration and ensures employees stay connected, no matter where they are or what they are doing.
  3. Simplified Workflows (Unify) – Open AI connects all information sources, business data, micro-apps, and integrations (e.g., AFAS Online, Zenya DOC) in one interface. This simplifies information flows, increases employee efficiency, and provides easy access to relevant information.

Results to date:

  • Over 260,000 users across 2,100 organisations.
  • Working with over 130 channel partners worldwide.
  • Listed in the Groeibedrijven Top 250 in October 2023.
  • Over 70,000 users are in healthcare; 50,000 users are in education.
  • One healthcare user is saving 5 to 15 minutes per worker per day; with over 4,000 employees, that translates to between 333 to 1,000 hours saved per day, time that is being redirected towards patient care / more important tasks.
  • New Workspace 365 launched in 2023. The platform is better, smarter and delivers on the promise of Everything Simplified. It incorporates the latest technology and embraces the best of it.

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