4. Ivy Farm Technologies

Company: Ivy Farm Technologies

Founder: Dr. Russ Tucker

Website: https://www.ivy.farm/



About Ivy Farm Technologies


Ivy Farm is an innovative food tech business that first launched in 2019. We create real meat from animals but without the need to grow or farm an animal. With our HQ based in Oxford, we have a team of 50 exceptional scientists working on innovative IP and cell engineering technology in-house, to deliver delicious meat but without the environmental cost to the planet and animals.

Cultivated meat will provide solutions to animal agriculture environmental issues across many areas: resource exploitation, soil erosion, biodiversity loss, food insecurity, disease outbreaks, antibiotic resistance and more. We aim to scale up to a 12,000 tonne manufacturing facility in the next three years, which will save over 170,000 pigs from slaughter and have a significantly reduced environmental impact.

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