5. AgriSound

Company: AgriSound

Founder: Casey Woodward

Website: https://www.agrisound.io

About AgriSound


AgriSound are makers of AI insect listening devices that are capable of tracking the health and movement of nearby pollinators to understand their population and wellbeing.

Founded in 2020, AgriSound has supplied these devices to brands such as Innocent, Tesco and M&S to monitor the pollinators in their orchards and help boost their crop yield using an organic method that also benefits biodiversity. Customers these have seen a reduction in the cost of food production thanks to the measures brought in to benefit pollinators, both for the sake of our crops and biodiversity preservation

Pollys are revolutionising commercial pollination, helping increase crop yield and providing the data crucial, not only to help protect biodiversity but also to allow organisations to demonstrate positive impacts of actions for ESG reporting metrics.

The Polly bioacoustic listening devices are increasingly being used in commercial agriculture and by food producers, and AgriSound has also utilised the bioacoustics approach to protecting and conserving insects, and recently, in a project measuring the success of rewilding. AgriSound creates unique algorithms depending on the different types of pollinators it’s tracking: the team’s method is to catch and record the bee, then use the latest AI (machine learning) to learn from the data to develop a bioacoustic algorithm that can detect the bee.

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