21. Gorillas

Company: Gorillas

Founders: Kağan Sümer, Jörg Kattner & Ronny Shibley, 2020

Website: https://gorillas.io/en

Business: Online platform for convenience delivery, providing on-demand access to groceries.


About Gorillas

Gorillas was founded in Berlin with the intention of changing the access to essential needs and leading the change for more conscious and sustainable consumption. Having on-demand access to groceries through Gorillas means that storing food is a thing of the past (drastically reducing food waste) and they can set new standards of freshness when it comes to what we eat.

They are a rider-centric company. As their riders are the biggest part of the organisation, they foster the creation of a works council to ensure a strong connection and vivid exchange between the riders, warehouse staff and the management. To make sure they build products and services that appeal to a broad society, Gorrilas are a team of people as diverse as the population itself – they are proud to be a crew of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.


gorillas delivery


By providing delivery on demand, Gorillas changes how people shop for their groceries. With Gorillas, it doesn’t matter if plans change, because you don’t have to plan out your meals days in advance when you do your weekly shop. They are committed to quality: local farmers help them to provide the freshest produce and ensure short supply chains while also supporting their local communities. To put it simply, Gorillas believes that life is too short for bad food – therefore, they never compromise on their produce’s quality.

Kağan Sümer, CEO of Gorillas, emphasises: “Gorillas exists to create a world with immediate access to your needs. We are not business people building a delivery company—we are delivery people building a business”.

Gorillas has just raised a huge €245m in a Series B. This brought the company’s valuation to $1bn only nine months after launching.  In Series C, they secured ‘close to $1bn’. Sümer reflected on this huge achievement:

“The size of today’s funding round by an extraordinary investment consortium underscores the tremendous market potential that lies ahead of us. With Delivery Hero, we have chosen a strong strategic support that is deeply rooted in the global delivery market and is renowned for having unique experience in sustainably scaling a German company internationally. We have the best team in our sector, leading partners, and financial resources to strengthen our market-leading position in Europe and beyond.”


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