24. Growleady – Steven Haggerty

Company: Growleady

Founder: Steven Haggerty

Website: https://growleady.io/

Business: Growleady is a lead generation agency that helps tech & SAAS companies overcome their growing pains. 


About Steven and Growleady

Growleady is a global authority in lead generation and marketing. They help clients worldwide, from SAAS businesses to service providers.

Growleady started when founder Steven decided to outsource an element of their lead generation to another company, only to find the results disappointing. Having spoken to hundreds of other founders in his Founders 365 podcast, Steven learned that his frustrations with outsourcing were widespread.

This is where he developed the idea for Growleady, a lead-generation agency that uses the same successful lead-generation techniques that Steven used with his businesses.




The business offers services such as cold email outreach, podcast booking, LinkedIn outreach, and appointment setting to help companies grow. They help their clients to increase their exposure and find new customers.

In 2023, Steven plans to continue to lead the expansion of Growleady and build a culture within the fully-remote team to enable success.


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