25. Zenchef – Xavier Zeitoun, Thomas Zeitoun and Julien Balmont


Company: Zenchef

Founders: Xavier Zeitoun, Thomas Zeitoun and Julien Balmont

Website: https://www.zenchef.com/en-us

Business: Zenchef is a restaurant management software solution that enables restaurant owners to welcome their customers easily, organising all of their front-of-house operations in one place.


About Xavier, Thomas, Julien and Zenchef

Zenchef is a Paris-based startup that has developed technology solutions for the restaurant industry and has acquired over €50 million from PSG Equity that will be used to help scale the software across Europe and the U.S.

Founded in 2011 by Xavier and Thomas Zeitoun and Julien Balmont, Zenchef focuses on streamlining the procedures restaurants have to manage to help them attract and retain customers. Zenchef’s one-stop-shop SaaS solutions allow restaurants to manage their front-of-house operations on one singular platform whilst still having ownership of their data. The startup currently operates in 15 countries supporting 7000 restaurants, of which 180 are Michelin-starred. They also work with major restaurant groups such as Groupe Bertrand, Del Arte, Ninkasi and La Criée.


Zenchef Logo


The startup Billee was recently acquired and integrated by Zenchef in order to launch ZenchefPay. This is a mobile payment solution designed for restaurant bills.

Zenchef is currently planning to bring out its own customer mobile app dedicated to foodies. The app will allow customers to check in real-time from thousands of restaurants in Paris. It uses a geolocation service, rankings, and reviews, and lets diners book the place they want to dine within the app.

Since its founding, it has facilitated almost 50 million reservations for its partners translating to around 170 million diners as of 2021.


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