26. Patchwork Health – Dr Anas Nader

Company: Patchwork Health

Founder: Dr Anas Nader

Website: https://www.patchwork.health/

Business: Patchwork Health is a workforce management solution that helps healthcare staff.


About Dr Anas and Patchwork Health

Built by a team of dedicated healthcare veterans, and co-created with the NHS, Patchwork Health is a tech-led workforce management solution built to give clinicians greater flexibility while optimising outcomes for healthcare organisations, staff and patients. Founded by Dr Anas Nader and Dr Jing Ouyang in 2016, their technology and services have been embraced by over 100 healthcare sites to date.

Anas and Jing met whilst training as NHS doctors. They saw how inflexible healthcare staffing systems were, and the negative impact this was having both on staff wellbeing and the delivery of patient care. Over-reliance on external agencies to help plug staffing gaps was also a huge financial drain on NHS services. Patchwork Health aims to solve this by providing a more sustainable workforce management solution that supports staff to work flexibly in line with their own personal and professional commitments, while supporting managers to more easily and safely staff their wards.

The 100+ strong team delivers this through a number of different products and services including local staff banks, rostering solutions, and data insights. To date, Patchwork has saved the NHS an estimated £40 million in temporary staffing costs and enabled almost 3 million hours to be sustainably staffed each year.


patchwork health


A key challenge for healthcare organisations when adopting innovative staffing technology such as Patchwork is ensuring interoperability between systems. This means making sure that the new systems being introduced can directly share information and data with the other digital systems already in use.

Healthtech providers must therefore build digital solutions which make this possible. Without interoperability, organisational barriers prevent data from being easily shared, inhibiting efficient communication between services and making effective collaboration impossible. By factoring interoperability in as standard, Patchwork makes it possible for organisations to break down these barriers and work together to tackle current workforce challenges.

Over the next year, Patchwork is planning to expand to help other healthcare organisations implement flexible workforce solutions, as well as developing the products we provide, to greater support sustainable staffing and impactful workforce insights. This has never been more important in the face of current healthcare workforce shortages and increasing demand for patient care.


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