27. Sugi – Josh Gregory

Company: Sugi

Founder: Josh Gregory

Website: https://sugi.earth/

Business: Sugi is an app that shows retail investors how green their investments really are.


About Josh and Sugi

Using objective data, Sugi helps investors navigate the minefield of green investing, which is often full of jargon and greenwashing.

With Sugi’s app, retail investors can check the carbon impact of their investments, see how aligned their portfolios are with the 1.5 degree global warming target and benchmark their impact against similar investments, helping them build genuinely greener portfolios.

The company was founded by Josh Gregory who spent over a decade working in climate finance and conservation projects. Gregory became frustrated that all the focus was on institutional investors, while everyday investors and their collective power were largely ignored. Sugi was born from an idea to present objective, reliable data to retail investors in a way that was meaningful and relevant for them.




The app’s launch in 2021 resulted in much success and awareness for Sugi’s consumer brand. In 2022, Sugi launched a number of B2B partnerships, and now works with financial institutions, platforms and wealth managers to deliver personalised metrics, via API, to their clients.

Despite the current economic climate, the green fintech has gone from strength to strength and is seeing greater demand for impact metrics, proving that even in times of economic uncertainty, investors still care about the environmental integrity of their investments. It currently provides impact data for £250 million of client investments.

In November this year, the startup announced an expansion of its data coverage to fixed income investments, including corporate and government bond ETFs and mutual funds. Over the next 12 months, expect to see a suite of new metrics and partnerships, across a range of sectors, and few more ‘UK firsts’ for green investing in the retail space.


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