28. Brite Payments – Lena Hackeloer

Company: Brite Payments

Founder: Lena Hackeloer

Website: https://britepayments.com

Business: Brite Payments is a payment solution connected to 4900 local banks across the EU.


About Lena and Brite Payments

Lena Hackelöer is the CEO and founder of Brite Payment Group, and she has over a decade of experience in the fintech space. She spent almost seven years at Klarna, where she eventually became its director of marketing, as well as working with other fintech businesses. It was this wealth of experience led to Lena founding her own company: Brite Payments.

Brite Payments is a fintech startup that was first launched in 2019. The company is a second generation fintech challenger. The team comprises of individuals previously involved in building other success stories like Klarna, Qliro, Trustly, Tink and SOFORT. Now Brite aims to bring its accessible, more affordable modern payment solution to a wide range of customers across several markets.

Brite is an ‘Open Banking’ company, meaning its platform has been specifically built to enable the most reliable and compliant way of doing account-to-account payments using the banks’ dedicated ‘Open Banking’ APIs.

By using Brite, customers can make payments instantly straight from their bank account. Connected to 4900 local banks across the EU, Brite’s solution allows users to pay for everything ranging from shopping, to playing online games in a more cost and time effective manner than what’s been previously possible. For merchants, this means that funds will get paid within minutes of a transaction being made, with no delays.




With Brite, there is no need to input card details. Users can pay straight from their bank account with only top of mind information required. What’s more, you don’t need to set up an account to use the solution and it’s completely free.

As well as helping users to pay instantly, Brite also allows for instant withdrawals, which helps merchants to ensure that their customers are being paid on time. The system allows for easy integration within back-end systems, either through a user’s own automated process, or through a simple interface interaction.

Brite helps users to identify and verify their customers. The solution can be used to retrieve KYC data in a fast and automated way – making it effortless for users to comply with legal regulations. It is built for conversion. Thanks to its user-friendly interface it enables merchants to optimise their performance at checkout.

2023 looks set to be another incredibly exciting year for Brite, with plans to localise its operations to scale. The company recently announced full product coverage across the Baltic region, following the successful launch of its instant pay-ins solution in Estonia earlier this year. Now, Brite is primed for further growth in 2023.

Alongside plans to expand into new territories, Brite will also spend the next twelve months reinvesting into its suite of powerful solutions. In 2022, the company announced the launch of its convenience-driven Single Sign product. Now, Brite will look to follow this success with additional product launches.


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