29. E10 – Tim Davy, Jamie Hosie and Lloyd McMillan

Company: E10

Founders: Tim Davy, Lloyd McMillan and Jamie Hosie

Website: https://e10int.com/

Business: E10 is a sponsorship and marketing agency based in Europe and the Middle East.


About Tim, Jamie, Lloyd and E10

E10 is a dynamic and fast-growing commercial and marketing agency, focused on maximising returns for brands and rights holders within sport, entertainment and B2B events across Europe and the Middle East.

Combining more than 30 years experience, E10’s senior team lead their three core business functions: commercial, marketing and brand activation.

In January 2022, ESA suggested that global sponsorship spend for the year would increase by 8%. This was supported by an equally encouraging prediction that 54% of 2021 sponsors (across sport, entertainment and B2B) would increase their spend in 2022.




However, these seemingly large figures seem small when compared to future forecasts, which estimate the sponsorship revenue market to increase by 35% within the next 5 years. This is a very significant opportunity for brands and businesses to make real impact with brave and bold approaches.

All three Directors have extensive experience working in global markets across various specialisms and industries including their combined expansive network across government sectors, sports councils, tourism boards, and both regional and international blue-chip companies.

This has provided E10 with a broad-spectrum insight into the distinctive nuances and dynamics of the region. This gives them the unique ability to understand how to translate global and European rights holders and concepts into regionally fluent and compelling strategies along with their inherent commitment to act as an organic extension of rights holder’s commercial and marketing departments, ensuring they are representing their customers with an edge.


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