30. Kayrros – Antoine Rostand

Company: Kayrros

Founder: Antoine Rostand

Website:  https://www.kayrros.com

Business: Kayrros is a climate tech company that uses satellites to measure environmental data such as CO2 and methane levels.


About Antoine and Kayrros

Founded in 2016, Kayrros is a climate tech company using satellites such as the European Space Agency’s Sentinel constellations to measure our impact on the planet in near real-time.

By leveraging insights into everything from CO2 and methane to biomass and wildfires, Kayrros’ data empowers investors and governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect communities, physical assets and ecosystems as they transition to a cleaner, greener energy model.

The world is changing faster than ever. Global energy markets are volatile and increasingly complex. Kayrros have had to adapt in tandem, developing bespoke solutions to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Today, they support governments, regulators, investors, traders, and energy companies across the spectrum to manage emissions and transform their infrastructure with data analytics. Services include measuring carbon and methane emissions, assessing the risk of natural disasters, measuring the world’s forest density with unprecedented accuracy, and tracking industrial activity around the world.

Kayrros’ Carbon Watch gives real-time measurements of country-level carbon emissions across electricity, heavy industry, transportation and residential use. Clients can use data analysed to track global progress in delivering the Glasgow and Paris pledges and compare CO2 emissions by country or sector.




Kayrros this year provided their data to impact-tech startup Doconomy to set up digital billboards in Stockholm and London, displaying the cities’ rolling CO2 emissions to boost public climate literacy. Kayrros’ new Methane Watch solution offers similar insight to help clients tackle one of the most urgent and misunderstood challenges facing the planet today.

The Wildfire Risk Monitor uses geospatial data to provide the world’s most granular and comprehensive model for pre-fire risk assessment. Users access data, refreshed monthly, on over 20 risk factors including topography, vegetation, weather, climate, and ground infrastructure.

With extensive applications, the monitor allows insurers to correctly assess and price risk, for asset owners to take precautionary measures and for firefighters to mitigate risk. It is the only platform to offer a 360-degree view of wildfire risk – from pre-fire risk, mid-fire progression, to post-fire damage assessment. This is unique in the industry and helps Kayrros stand out from competitors.

Earlier this year, Kayrros cast a spotlight on looming wheat shortages in Ukraine for the Guardian newspaper, and the company’s data is routinely relied upon by top journalists for insights into LNG imports, Russian crude oil exports, Chinese cement production, and deforestation-free products in Brazil. These solutions empower the public, as well as governments and businesses, to understand the challenges ahead and the actions we can all take to tackle them.

In March 2022, Kayrros raised €40 million from investors including the French Public Investment bank Bpifrance, BNP Paribas, and the European Investment Bank. To date they have received $78.6m in funding, and earlier this year were singled out by Emmanuel Macron for their contributions to the fight against climate change.


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