26. Stint

Company: Stint

Founders: Sol and Sam Schlagman, 2018

Website: https://stint.co/

Business: Connecting students to hospitality businesses for short shifts of work, taking pressure off core teams and empowering a new era of customer service excellence.


About Stint

Stint, the student work app, revolutionises the operating models of hospitality businesses by connecting them with students who want short, flexible shifts to do simple tasks at the busiest daily hours.

The addition of Stint students takes the pressure off the core team, freeing them up to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Businesses that integrate with Stint no longer have to worry about the trade-off between keeping their teams and customers happy, while keeping costs under control.

Since launching in 2018, Stint has signed up over 100,000 students across 150 university campuses around the UK. Students have completed Stints at over 1,000 hospitality businesses including some of the highstreet’s biggest chains such as Chipotle and Chilango, and high end restaurants such as Iberica and The Wolseley.

Stint is built by students for students. Whilst at university, the brothers saw how hard it was to balance a part-time job with university life, and how hard it was to enjoy university life without enough money. They wanted to build a business where students could make money in a way that truly fits in with their lives. Stint is ending the trade off between learning and earning by enabling students to work for a few hours at a time, so they can fit work around their studies and social lives.


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For hospitality businesses, from local pubs and cafes to nationwide chains, Stints are integrated into staffing rotas for short shifts of work during the daily busy periods (typically the lunch and dinner rushes). This means businesses can have the right amount of staff, every hour of the day – something that’s never before been possible. Stinters take the pressure off the core team, who can focus on creating a great customer experience knowing that our students are on hand to complete the basic tasks like clearing tables and polishing glasses.

As a result, businesses see sales increase and team well-being improve. They’ve received feedback from managers who’ve seen notable improvements in the happiness of their core team and with the severe shortage of staff in the industry, Stint’s ability to improve team morale is crucial. The addition of Stint students during the busiest periods each day makes those busy periods easier and more enjoyable and their partner businesses report significant reductions in team churn as a result.

They built the business from scratch, starting with just a small team of students and growing to a 170 person team. They’ve built a huge amount of tech, including a student app, a business app, a web platform, and various internal systems. Having been operating just in London prior to the pandemic, in May 2021 they expanded into 32 cities across the UK simultaneously and they’ve seen significant growth since hospitality reopened. Students and hospitality were hit hard over the course of the pandemic, but Stint is more than a short-term solution.


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