3. Biscuit Tin – Sheila Hogan

Company: Biscuit Tin

Founder: Sheila Hogan

Website: https://biscuittin.co.uk/

Business: Biscuit Tin is a SaaS company that aims to make life admin easier through an online secure digital legacy vault.


About Sheila and Biscuit Tin

Biscuit Tin is a SaaS death-tech company, a secure digital legacy vault, which aims to make life admin easier for the individual and their loved ones in the future, as well as allowing them to plan in advance for their death. The secure digital legacy vault enables the user to store important life information, such as account details, documents, wishes and memories all in one place, which can be accessed by those nominated once the user dies.

It aims to make the closing down of a loved one’s life much easier than the very manual and protracted process it is currently. With guided journeys on how to plan and what to record for the creator/user, and guided life closedown according to the wishes of the deceased for the nominees, the platform provides peace of mind that everything is organised in advance.

Sheila recognised that with the population of the UK getting increasingly older, coupled with all of us becoming more digital savvy, there is a growing need for a secure way in which nominated individuals can follow personal instructions to close the ever-increasing digital estate of those who have died.

The business launched in March 2020 and its success to date has been because the Biscuit Tin brand resonates with people, a fact displayed by the many positive comments they received on social media after Sheila appeared on Dragons’ Den.


Sheila Hogan


Most people understand the concept of a ‘Biscuit Tin’ where all important documents and information is stored. For this reason, there is a back story to each individual biscuit tin and it is this ability to store memories within the digital legacy vault which is a key differentiator between Biscuit Tin and their competitors.

Another key differentiator is the simplicity of their guided journey which enables an individual to easily create a digital legacy of their life which makes a significant difference to those loved ones they leave behind.

Biscuit Tin also includes bank level security and identity checking on both creators and nominees. Biscuit Tin’s aim is to provide a straight -through automated process of life close down. Their digital death verification solution removes duplication and administrative overhead for both the bereaved and businesses alike. This is a huge stride forward in tackling some of the death related carbon impact. There are over 60m deaths per year globally, including 600,000 in the UK.

Biscuit Tin’s goal is to gamify the creation of end-of-life plans, to motivate and empower users to create a digital legacy to be proud of. There is presently no other digital legacy brand on the market which resonates with consumers like Biscuit Tin or combines functionality and innovation in such a unique and holistic way.


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