30. CommBox

Company: CommBox

Founders: Yaniv Hakim and Eli Israelov

Website: https://www.commbox.io/



About CommBox


Founded in 2013, CommBox is an omnichannel customer service platform with a global presence, headquartered in Israel. CommBox is revolutionising how brands connect with customers by using generative AI and automation to deliver natural, conversational, and intuitive experiences to over 50 million consumers.

Today’s customers don’t just want access to instant support – they want to use whichever channel suits them best, for that specific inquiry on that specific day. Whether it’s jumping on the phone for complicated inquiries, a brief chat with a chatbot, or even a quick glance at the FAQs to self-resolve a minor issue – customer needs vary all the time. For businesses, meeting rising customer expectations for 24/7, flexible multichannel support can be complicated and costly. However, Commbox harnesses the power of automation and AI to reduce strain on businesses resources and improve the customer and agent experience alike. And, the results are significant with businesses seeing an overall 40% reduction in customer service costs.

CommBox enables brands to automate and integrate AI throughout their customer support system, optimising customer support flows. Agents are the backbone of customer support, but at present many spend their days stuck responding to basic queries and completing repetitive tasks such as writing call summaries. Through intelligently automating tasks, CommBox frees up your agents to focus on the complex tasks that need a human touch, reducing the cost burden on contact centres. This automation also reduces agent onboarding time by up to 75%.

With CommBox’s new proprietary generative AI offering, Era AI, brands can build intelligent AI-powered chatbots with no coding expertise and customise them to fit their own business needs. These chatbots, supported by Open AI, can handle inquiries, instigate new actions such as scheduling a return, and even transfer people to agents should the chatbot detect a negative tone. Crucially, unlike most chatbots on the market which rely on traditional AI, these chatbots are able to make intelligent decisions and proactively take actions, rather than solely reciting predetermined responses.

Using its suite of digital channels, CommBox enables hundreds of the world’s leading brands to deliver a smart and personalized experience and automate human-driven operations and the bulk of repetitive inquiries with powerful AI and deep automation. The result is greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased agent productivity, higher conversion rates, and a unique opportunity to grow the business like never before.

CommBox’s platform is currently deployed by more than 350 global brands such as IKEA, AIG, and Suzuki. CommBox has a proven track record of helping leading traditional industries to transform from using legacy customer communications to autonomous, digital solutions.

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