31. Go Live Data

Company: Go Live Data

Co-Founder: Adam Herbert

Website: https://www.go-data.com



About Go Live Data


Go Live Data is a dynamic and innovative data company that has captivated the market, by working with some of the biggest names in the corporate world such as AxA Health, Amazon Business, Talk Talk, Citation, Premier Line and many SMEs. Since it launched in 2020, the Manchester based company has achieved £1.5Million in revenue, with 150% growth year on year.

The UK’s market leader, Go Live Data is doing things differently, by designing and building unique AI algorithms which understand the UK and international corporate environment. This in turn means they are driving change and modernising the UK data industry.

They spotted a problem and devised the solution. Go Live Data updates and revalidates data every 30 days; compared to the industry standard which is typically done every 12-18 months. Not only does this significantly hinder the quality of the data being used, it can damage the reputation of the business using it.

Go Live Data is an industry disruptor. It’s advanced in technological development and incorporated Artificial Intelligence, to build marketing data solutions to ensure companies are at the top of their game in their marketing strategy. They have invested over £5m in building language models which accurately interpret the data collected to produce a detailed understanding of a company’s current position.

They don’t just stop at data collection and validation though; they are also developing new ways for customers to use data more precisely and professionally. These include multi-medium communications such as QR codes, telephone and social media. By helping businesses market to other businesses, Go Live Data will identify their target audience, assist with making contact and ensure the data within their CRM is as accurate and as precise as possible.

Go Live Data is a believer of less is more, rather than the traditional ‘broad brush’ approach of spamming at every opportunity, which means they help their customers to precisely identify and target organisations where there is a valid interest.

A 20-strong team, Go Live Data is consistently providing peak expertise to guide and support companies as they get to grips with rapidly developing technology. Prioritising client support, seeing them through the entire process with superior service and a conscientious approach, GLD works its’ magic through intelligent technology led by humans. Enabling them to achieve the best results for clients and strengthening trust in multiple industries.

As a result of customer demand, their strategy includes three key markets: the UK, USA and the Middle East, with high demand in these countries.

Going forward, the mission is to provide the most relevant and targeted prospect information possible and to ensure compliance keeps up to speed with developments.

Go Live Data aims to reach its growth target to become a £100M EV (£20M revenue) business within the next five years.

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