32. Navenio

Company: Navenio

Co-Founder: Niki Trigoni

Website: https://navenio.com/



About Navenio


Navenio’s Intelligent Workforce Solution is a robust location-based automation tool that utilises smartphone sensors to significantly improve efficiency and staff workflow in real-world practices. Without the need for GPS, Navenio has pioneered and patented an easy-to-deploy, accurate and scalable innovation that enables indoor mapping and tasking services, streamlining patient care logistics within complex healthcare environments.

Spun out of Oxford University science, Navenio’s software can be easily implemented within hospitals and seamlessly integrated with existing systems. The one unified location solution eliminates the need for staff to remember multiple logins and reduces the number of systems required for work. One of the primary challenges faced by nurses is the constant pressure on their workloads. With real-time actionable insights, such as over or under-utilisation of resources (staff and/or medical equipment), Navenio facilitates operational efficiency through optimal resource utilisation. Implementation has resulted in a 94% boost in task completion, a 31% improvement in service response times, and 40% faster response times.

Navenio’s software simplifies healthcare workflows, avoiding confusion and enhancing overall efficiency; a clear demonstration of its beneficial use. It enables clinical staff to maximise their allocated time for patient care, improving the quality of care received. By optimising patient care logistics through intelligent resource allocation, clinical staff experience enhanced efficiency in their day-to-day responsibilities. Additionally, the solution opens up new revenue opportunities within healthcare as costly resources are not being wasted.

With an established team of more than 80 people, Navenio continues to grow in both the UK and the US. The fusion of four unique technologies is highly scalable and immediately provides actionable insight for various sectors, not just healthcare. Privacy and security are inherent within the Navenio technology, and the company is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, GDPR, HIPAA, and NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit compliant.

In 2023, Navenio achieved significant recognition within the technology sector, including becoming an Amazon Web Services partner, a Financial Times “Tech Champion”, and securing a $6.3 million investment led by Oxford Science Enterprises. Prior to this, Navenio was ranked in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, which showcases the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK and has been included in KPMG’s Tech Pioneers. On an individual level, Navenio’s co-founder Niki Trigoni was named CTO of the year for two consecutive years at the Women in Tech awards in 2022 and 2023, as well as Information Age’s Women in IT London in 2020.

Navenio plans to continue innovative efforts towards improving healthcare efficiency and other sectors. The recent investment will go towards ramping up its offering in the US as well as expanding to new locations, continuing the strong growth trajectory. The top priority is accelerating deployment for real-world impact across healthcare and beyond.

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