33. Cleo

Company: Cleo

Founder: Barney Hussey-Yeo

Website: https://web.meetcleo.com/about-us




About Cleo


Seven years ago, our Founder and CEO Barney Hussey-Yeo bet that the future of human computer interaction would be delivered through a conversational user interface, enabled by advances in AI, and set out to apply this thesis to personal finance.

So, he started building Cleo. Cleo is the world’s first AI assistant defining a new category, one that goes beyond savings and budgets to actually change how we feel about our finances.

Cleo turns the complexity of personal finances into a conversation–the same kind you’d have with a friend. Cleo supports people throughout their financial lives, from their first paycheck to their first home and beyond. And, it works. Over 74% of surveyed users say that Cleo has improved their financial life.

We are harnessing the latest developments in AI to provide users with data-driven and highly personalised insights and products to help them with budgeting, saving, cash advance, credit building, and more. Cleo does the work behind the scenes for you – analyzing your current and future situation, keeping you informed, building your financial roadmap, and guiding you towards your goals with practical, actionable tips.

To date, Cleo has helped over 7 million users. This year, we’ve seen an 85% increase in money-related chatbot conversations and engagement with Cleo.

Cleo is a unique example of a British company succeeding with a US-first growth strategy; the company is enjoying ARR of $72M and over 2x year-on-year growth.

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