34. Whering

Company: Whering

Founder: Bianca Rangecroft

Website: https://whering.co.uk/



About Whering


Whering is a digital wardrobe and personal styling app that lets users see and interact with the clothes they already own. Our mission is to upend the ‘buy, use, dispose’ cycle by helping Wherers around the world get more out of their existing wardrobe, lowering impulse buys and reducing textile waste. We do this by styling their items for them, prompting them to resell things they no longer wear (partnering with resale platforms to directly list items digitised on Whering with 1 click), and helping Wherers repair/ethically dry-clean and donate – all in an effort to extend the life cycle their current clothes and make circular solutions as accessible as possible. We want people to own less, swap, sell and rent more.

We’re fixing the fashion industry for both consumers and retailers by helping Wherers make the most of their clothes through AI driven styling, and retailers access to wardrobe composition data they’ve never seen before (decreasing returns with styling preferences, compatibility analysis and sizing data).

It’s more than just utilising what we own already, Whering proves developing an ethical relationship with our clothes doesn’t have to be limiting, boring or expensive. We are bridging the gap between environmentalists and fashion lovers by providing easy ways to engage in the future of sustainable fashion: buy less, buy better; borrow, mend and loan.

Since launching in 2021 we’ve been innovating the fashion tech industry which led us to win a SMART grant from Innovate UK, helping to build our AI styling tool ‘W Pick’. With the help of Innovate UK and other investment we’ve built a revolutionary wardrobe app with 2.5m+ users spending an average of 8 minutes on Whering daily. We’ve continued to organically expand with 26% MoM growth and downloads growing fast in Brazil and USA, shaping our international community that Wherers can benefit from by borrowing and lending with local users.

Right now our users enjoy creating outfits with our Clueless inspired wardrobe shuffle feature, Dress Me, that lets them shuffle their entire wardrobe in a few taps. We also help Wherers stay organised for the day/week/month ahead, taking the stress out of outfit planning with our outfit scheduling tools. There’s been a big demand for social features letting users see and style outfits for friends and family- we’re so excited to launch this in Q1 of 2024, transforming the capabilities of Whering.

In the future, if a user adds an item to their wish list that a local Wherer already has digitised in their wardrobe, we’ll notify them so they can borrow it rather than buy it. Our tech will help create one shared wardrobe for the world, creating more outfit opportunities wherever our Wherers are. Whether they’re on holiday or in their local town, Wherers can share clothes rather than buy new.

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