35. Swap

Company: Swap

Founder: Sam Atkinson

Website: https://www.swap-commerce.com/



About Swap


Looking for a way to make retail easier? Look no further than Swap – the all-in-one returns platform with one log in, one partner, one operation. Managing operations is expensive and fragmented. Brands have to deal with multiple software providers that only solve part of the problem. Logistics costs continue to spiral out of control, reducing brands margin further. This all gets simplified with Swap.

Swap focused on return solutions at its inception, but has quickly evolved into a full service platform with a goal to consolidate multiple SaaS offerings into one dashboard. The problem of returns is only becoming larger and competitors continue to take a cookie cutter approach to their offerings. Swap is addressing a large and fast-growing category – the e-commerce market is projected to reach $250+ billion by 2028 and is capitalizing on a billion-dollar industry that needs innovation.

From shipping, tracking, and insurance, to returns and recycling, Swap is here to improve every pain point in your operations journey, providing services to some of the biggest brands in London and Europe. Their team handles all direct relationships with your carriers, insurers, and recycling partners to give you timeback – they turn your logistics lemons into a Swap lemonade.

For every $1B in sales, the average retailer incurs $165M in returns, plus for every $100 in returned merchandise accepted, they lose $10.40 to return fraud. Which is why companies like Swap – the retail technology platform that manages all e-commerce operations for brands – exist. Swap is the first and only e-commerce operations solution to take your tech stack from five partners to one. They help brands ship, track, insure, return, and recycle – all from one dashboard. Their platform improves every pain point in a brand’s operations journey and is making retail easy again.

Before Swap, 58% of retailers would not ship internationally due to high costs and complexities. With 140+ carriers, Swap has been able to consolidate international returns and cut logistics costs in half. This is absolutely necessary given that by 2025, a quarter of all global sales are expected to be made online.

Simplifying your operational needs will also help with consolidation of data. Currently brands have numerous tools that gather data, but that data only has the context of the information it holds. There is a need to bring together multiple tools on one platform, to combine all available data and simplify your tech stack. Gone are the days of fragmented operations. Businesses need one system that will handle their nerds from start to finish – you no longer need 100 different platforms and systems to run a business efficiently. One strong system that can handle multiple needs will not only save time, but also money and resources.

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