36. Gango Group

Company: Gango Group

Founder: Patrick Songore

Website: http://gangobar.com



About Gango Group


Gangobar, a pioneering tech start-up founded in November 2023, is at the forefront of revolutionising the beverage service industry with our patent-pending, self-service automated bars equipped with advanced intoxication detection technology. This venture represents our second foray into entrepreneurship, emerging from the challenges of our initial business endeavour. Our team is passionately committed to innovation, safety, and efficiency in beverage services.

We are poised to make a significant impact with the launch of our first prototype in January 2024. This groundbreaking development integrates cutting-edge computer vision, machine learning, and AI to autonomously assess intoxication levels. This is not just a technological advancement; it’s a commitment to public safety and adherence to stringent regulatory standards, in collaboration with police and licensing authorities.

The genesis of Gangobar was fuelled by a critical issue in the beverage service industry: the inefficiency and frustration caused by long queues at bars, particularly during peak hours. While self-service automated bars have emerged as a promising solution, they are hindered by legal constraints that prohibit selling alcohol to intoxicated patrons, necessitating human supervision. Our innovative solution addresses this challenge head-on. Each independent serving station in our system is designed to detect levels of intoxication, thereby requesting human intervention or refusing service as necessary. This ensures compliance with licensing laws while significantly alleviating queue times.

However, Gangobar’s vision extends beyond mere service efficiency. Safety is a pivotal aspect of our design philosophy. Our system is engineered not only to serve customers efficiently but also to identify and assist individuals who might be excessively intoxicated or at risk, adding an unprecedented layer of safety and responsibility to the industry.

This unique amalgamation of autonomous service, safety, and compliance places Gangobar at the cutting edge of a new era in automated beverage services. As we gear up for our launch, we are confident that our technology will not only enhance the customer experience in bars and events but also set new benchmarks in responsible and efficient alcohol service. Gangobar represents more than an automated bar; it’s a significant stride towards a safer, more efficient, and customer-focused future in the beverage industry. Gangobar as a leader in the evolution of automated bar services.

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