30. Exizent


Company: Exizent

Founders: Nick Cousins & Aleks Tomczyk, 2018

Website: https://www.exizent.com/

Business: ‘Tech For Good’ business helping people make the probate process quicker and simpler, and improve the bereavement experience for everyone involved.


About Exizent

Exizent, a ‘tech for good’ business, was founded by Nick Cousins and Aleks Tomczyk in 2018. Their mission is to help people at the most difficult time in their lives, by improving the bereavement experience for everyone involved.

Cousins and Tomczyk were inspired to found the business after being impacted by their own experiences and challenges with bereavement, convinced there must be a better way in this era of digitised services and more transparent and open access to data.

The probate process can be lengthy, repetitive and overly complicated, made all the more challenging by the emotional turmoil and grief of the loss itself. COVID-19 shone a light on just how admin-heavy it is for all parties, especially for professionals within law firms and financial institutions, which leads to a knock-on effect on their clients.

The changes to ways of working during this time brought the increased need for technology within the sector, but being a new business meant that Exizent had to overcome the hurdles of making sure they had buy-in from the right people. Exizent’s cloud-based technology is digitising the probate process, providing the industry platform for professionals involved with managing bereavement. It enables users to capture all estate information in easy to navigate cases, add relevant personal details, assets and liabilities, upload relevant documents and use an expanding range of data searches to quickly populate missing information.

Ahead of launch in 2020, the business completed the largest investment in a Scottish tech business since the onset of COVID, totalling £3.6m from a range of investors, including Scotland’s largest fintech, FNZ. Exizent has a service and design-led ethos, therefore the business is continuously looking to solve problems its customers face, through the development of well-designed solutions.




Additionally, Exizent is truly agile, aiming to deliver small pieces of value regularly and keeping a close eye on its architecture, to maintain the right balance of security, resilience and flexibility, and use best-in-class, proven technologies where it can. This process has enabled Exizent to overcome any challenges it has faced along the way and has allowed for the effective and efficient onboarding and integration of customers onto a truly collaborative platform.

Now, in 2021, Exizent is building on that foundation to accelerate its development work with financial institutions and deliver additional value for all sides. The platform is on its way to becoming financial institutions’ trusted source for bereavement cases, bringing clarity, consistency, and efficiency to the way it manages requests from third parties.

The plan for the year ahead is to solidify its position as a fundamental part of the bereavement ecosystem, delivering benefits to all the different groups involved. This goal is well underway, evident in the number of UK law firms and financial institutions that have partnered with Exizent to date.

As a ‘tech for good’ business, Exizent has been set up with a strong social purpose and believes in harnessing proven technologies to solve known problems, and in the power of smart collaboration. Therefore, a key part of its strategy involves working with similarly minded companies to help solve what is, in their view, a real issue for many people.

Exizent’s journey is powered by a passionate bunch of super-smart, highly experienced people who all have one thing in common – a desire to build something that genuinely makes a real difference to peoples’ lives.


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