34. 55/Redefined – Lyndsey Simpson

Lyndsey Simpson

Company: 55/Redefined

Founder: Lyndsey Simpson

Website: https://55redefined.co/

Business: 55/Redefined is a platform that aims to empower over-50s in life and in the workplace.


About Lyndsey and 55/Redefined

Lyndsey founded 55/Redefined to address the patterns of ageism that she had seen across various sectors. Age-based discrimination is a well-documented topic with academic research to back up its existence. After doing some reading on the matter, Lyndsey was convinced that society’s definition of ‘old’ was harmful.

These days, changes in life expectancy, health, and wellness mean that demographics who are considered ‘old’ are actually more than capable of doing fantastic work.

Within the last century, the life expectancy has increased by 30 healthy years. This change is not being reflected in the age of the working population, which is shrinking by 25%. Over 50s are being neglected by recruiters and businesses, even during a global talent shortage.




Lyndsey realised a need to reframe the way businesses viewed older workers. She wanted to create an organisation that helped individuals and organisations to think differently and to see the untapped potential of people aged between 50-70 and beyond. This would mean not only changing people’s perspectives, but also removing the barriers that ageism imposes.

This is why she launched 55/Redefined in 2021. 55/Redefined focuses on the brand’s core ideals of anti-ageism. They are involved in lobbying efforts towards fighting age-based discrimination, and act as a parent company to Life/Redefined, Work/Redefined, and Jobs/Redefined.

Life/Redefined is a free membership platform for over-50s. It contains information and opinions on a broad range of topics including travel, fitness, and financial planning. Work/Redefined is a B2B employer-focused platform that allows organisations to gain accreditations and learn strategies to better cater towards their over-50s employees. Jobs/Redefined is a job board focusing on age-inclusive employers.

55/Redefined has grown rapidly in very little time. They have worked with clients including ITV, Boots, Hilton, and the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. In the future, they plan to launch in the US and Ireland.


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