35. Lendoe – Demi Ariyo

Company: Lendoe

Founder: Demi Ariyo

Website: https://www.lendoe.com/

Business: online lender focused on supporting black, ethnic minority and early stage entrepreneurs.


About Demi and Lendoe

“We are the first online lender focused on supporting black, ethnic minority and early stage entrepreneurs. Our journey started when a few young adults and our founder raised £220,000 to save their church building from repossession. It was whilst working on this fundraise that we discovered the lack of support offered to small businesses from underrepresented communities and decided to set up Lendoe.

Since then we’ve gone on to disburse close to £1 million to founders from underrepresented communities and are now on a mission to change the way underestimated entrepreneurs raise finance for good. We are currently achieving this through our Partner Network, a network of likeminded funders and professionals who also support entrepreneurs from the communities we serve. Click the learn more button to find out what our customers have to say about us.”


lendoe logo


“We solve the funding issues of today’s underestimated entrepreneurs through our funding partners and our partner network. Two offerings we created to support the modern day entrepreneur. It’s widely known that entrepreneurs with new age business models are underestimated and misunderstood by their high street banks.

We recognise this and that these entrepreneurs need access to money, networks and expertise to grow and achieve their aspirations – so we built services aimed to provide just that. So whether you’re a traditional business who’s taking advantage of new technologies or a fast growing e-commerce business who’s yet to build up their credit score – we aim to support you with the access to funding opportunities you need to overcome business hurdles, move to the next phase of your business growth and scale.”



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