35. 1account

Company: 1account

Founder: Ben Keirle

Website: https://www.1account.net/

Business: A digital ID service reducing the need for customers to carry physical ID cards.


About 1account

For consumers, 1account’s digital ID services deliver everything you need in one app to prove you are who you say you are without the fuss and risk of carrying physical ID around with you.

Online or off, 1account ID gives its users a practical way to display the minimum data required to carry out activities such as buying age restricted products or services, placing a bet or gaining admission to their favourite club or bar.

For businesses, 1account offers market leading age verification software ensuring those companies remain fully compliant of strict laws on selling age restricted products and services to minors.




Founded by digital services expert Ben Keirle in 2018, London-based 1account has quickly established itself as a genuine force and “disruptor” in the age restricted markets, not just because it provides these services free of charge, but also due to the fact it checks people’s IDs with more datapoints than anyone else, including electoral roll data and mobile phone records, to ensure someone is who they claim to be.

1account is highly active in the online vaping and gambling sectors and is currently developing a partnership for its digital ID technology solutions to be trialled in adults only venues such as bars and nightclubs.

The company’s next innovation, 1Click, will create an environment where merchants can accept ID online, offline and eventually accept payments from these users through the app.


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