36. Active Silver

Active Silver Lucy Roberts

Company: Active Silver

Founder: Lucy Roberts

Website: https://www.active-silver.co.uk

Business: Manufactures Colloidal Silver to be used in beauty and skin healing solutions.


About Active Silver

Founded by father and daughter in 2016, Active Silver manufactures Colloidal Silver of the highest quality, which can be used as an extremely effective natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin healing solution.

All products are lab-tested, safety assessed and fully compliant with EU cosmetic regulation 1223/2009 which prove the products are antimicrobial. Vegan friendly and absolutely not tested on animals.

With growth in annual turnover of 442% in the last 3 years, innovation remains the key focus for this entrepreneurial family business in expanding their natural anti-microbial skincare range. The products helps so many customers with various skin conditions or who are looking for pure and natural skin care.

Celebrity clients include Fearne Cotton and Debbie McGee, who whilst on Strictly Come Dancing maintained a dose of Active Silver a day; a key ingredient to her longevity in the show. Active Silver are also very keen to continue their promise to give back to the NHS and regularly send hand creams in batches, to midwives at Guys and St Thomas’s London to soothe and heal their working hands.




Differentiation in a crowded market has been a challenge, and addressed by Active Silver by it’s key ingredient and point of difference – Colloidal Silver in skin care. Active Silver’s unique and highly developed manufacturing process ensures the silver particles produced are the smallest they can be for maximium absorption in the liquid, gel, cream or spray format.

Their market share has grown and now we are one of the largest manufacturers in the UK. Active Silver a hugely effective treatment known to kill bacteria, fight infections, clear up skin conditions such as acne and eczema, heal wounds, eye and ear infections, and boost the immune system for humans and animals alike.

As research continues to show many strains of bacteria have become increasingly resistant to the modern-day antibiotic and with the pandemic causing us to be even more diligent with our health and wellness, the growth in demand has been huge in the last year. Such an opportunity came with a challenge due to higher prices for raw materials, customer expectation, supplier issues. At all points, they made a decision to absorb the increased supplier prices to ensure customers didn’t pay a penny more for the products they’ve come to know and trust.

With almost 3,000 orders each month and 33% returning customer rate, the current product range – from moisturisers, cooling gels, sprays and hand creams suitable for all skin conditions, with acne, eczema being at the top of the treatment list – is set for expansion next year with new products such as a body butter due to launched early 2022, and a huge wholesale business development plan.

2021 has seen a turn over at almost £850k, and staff doubling in the last 3 years. With world class technology and a laser focus on customer experience, it’s clear that nothing is going to stand in their way.


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