39. Guardian Angel

Company: Guardian Angel

Founder: Sam Grice

Website: https://guardianangel.network/

Business: Guardian Angel has modernised the bereavement service through proactive planning tools and online services.


About Guardian Angel

We all die, and the impact death can have, financially and emotionally, is vast. Yet incumbents have failed to make planning or dealing with death accessible, affordable, and stress-free. It is fragmented, inefficient, and expensive. This means lots of us pay more than we should, or put it off – leaving 29m UK adults who have not shared their death wishes.

Guardian Angel was founded in 2017 by Sam Grice, after his Mum died suddenly. This came with a huge emotional burden, and also something he hadn’t anticipated – piles of financial and legal paperwork. He knew he wasn’t alone, and yet there wasn’t a compelling solution.

Since then Guardian Angel has been backed by some of the leading investors in Europe, raising over $2.1m from Ascension, ADV, and impact investor, Fair by Design. Since the raise, the team has tripled in size, revenues are up over 300% and they have helped over 100K people plan for and manage death across their services.


guardian angel


Guardian Angel has used their tech-know-how and personal experience to create user-friendly proactive planning tools, including a leading online will writing service. They have modernised the bereavement space with online support hubs, a space to create structure in a chaotic time and build communities that last long beyond a funeral.

Recently Guardian Angel has launched the UK’s first consolidated death planning product – Bow. Bow brings all of the elements of planning for death into one place, from the medical to the financial, to the emotional, making getting prepared quicker and more cost-efficient. The tool aims to remove some of the key barriers that prevent people from preparing for the one event that happens to all of us – namely not knowing where to start, the time it takes, and the stress it causes.

The tool learns from the successes of the likes of Experian and Clear Score and applies it to the world of end-of-life planning. Bow is a free one-minute quiz that uses a proprietary algorithm to tell each user how prepared for death they are, providing them with a personalised score and tailored suggested actions, based on their life situation. This supports customers throughout their life to ensure they are always prepared – whatever life throws at them.

This process is streamlined – users only have to input in their personal details once before it auto-populates their details across all of the other recommended actions. Not only does this save time and stress but it also boosts the user’s score, incentivising further action. The company believes that planning for death with Guardian Angel is up to 50% more efficient using Bow. This helps to make end-of-life planning more empowering, accessible, and affordable, addressing some of the key barriers that have contributed to the UK being underprepared for death.


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