38. Futr

Company: Futr

Founders: Andrew Wilkins & Lee Skyrme, 2017

Website: https://futr.ai

Business: AI-enabled communication solution.


About Futr

Futr is an AI-enabled communication solution that delivers superpowers to critical service teams. From intelligent self-serve chatbots to making live chat agents instantly multilingual in over 100 languages, Futr’s products have the potential to transform the way organisations serve their audiences.

The VC-backed start up was founded in 2017 by Andy Wilkins and Lee Skyrme. They saw the huge opportunity to use cutting edge artificial intelligence to transform the way we access public services. Now, with the support of an amazing team and fantastic VCs, Futr is proud to include the police, the NHS, and many amazing charities and social services as valued customers, as well as private businesses in numerous sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the need for public services to be contactable round the clock. The added pressure on healthcare services, emergency services and mental health teams created a surge in volume. Coupled with the changing nature of a 24/7 demand for digital access, this was putting strain on vital services at a time when we needed them the most.




That’s where Futr comes in to help. By integrating Futr’s applications on messaging channels from Facebook to Alexa, and Skype to Slack, organisations can respond to enquiries instantly. Communications are translated into over 100 languages in real-time, 24 hours a day – transforming the way organisations democratise access to their services.

With this AI-powered technology, customer service teams can respond to the most complex requests, as well as offer live chat services and out of hours bots. Futr’s superpowers are truly transforming the way organisations respond to their customers efficiently and at speed – bringing these organisations closer to their communities.

The company equips customer service teams with ‘superpowers’ enabling them to deal with the ever-changing nature of demand, enhancing their core services rather than replacing them.

Futr is operated by a group of tech optimists with a passion for using disruptive tech for good to help drive efficiencies and growth, delivering radical innovation that produces lasting, institutional change.


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